Enter the Prolific Profile of the Ambitious Beauty Pageant Expert, Called Vanessa Ibiene Ekeke

Many Of world’s greatest poets,novelist,essayist and philosophers have often painted great women in superlative form WORLD LEADERS today present a few submission 1: Rudyard Kipling ,an English Poets View On Women.. “The silliest woman can manage a clever man; but it needs a very clever woman to manage a fool
2: Coventry Patmore, A British Writer Submitted On Women " A Woman and man in foreign land from young age, the wan will never quite understand the customs, politics and the tongue, but in no time the woman is totally part of the community"
3: Legendary Wordsmith, Sir Williams Submitted " A woman troubled is like a mountain troubled" ~ Such Are Some Of The Natural Traits Of Women, This Prologue Is Aptly perfect to take us to the profile of beauty empress, Vanessa Ekeke, set to make  THE soon to berth MISS NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL ENTER HER ABSOLUTE PROFILE

Vanessa Ekeke was born into a privileged existence with attendant responsibilities. Life presented her with many choices but by providence she found herself in the media and entertainment. She won the maiden edition of the Miss Commonwealth Nigeria beauty Pageant and represented Nigeria at the Miss Earth Beauty competition in Manila, Philippines. She served as an Ambassador for the Royal Commonwealth Society in London. Ironically shy and introverted, she found in the media an opportunity to participate in the world. Endowed with Multi-Potentiality, she often finds
expressions in writing, arts, photography, documentaries, events, travel and creativity. She is a diligent worker, relentless optimist and a sworn perfectionist who believes that only 100% is good enough.
Her personality is the result of the fusion of strength, resilience, determination, loyalty and humility. She is a pen disguised as women, passionately in love with real life and the words and images that capture it. She turned this into her career and sees the MNI as a center for social reformation presenting a platform where she can drive all her faculties. Her academic training from the University of Lagos and Syracuse University in New York at the Bachelors and Masters level respectively was centered on History and Documentary; and today, she is a Maestro in every sense of the word. She is a story teller and believes that Miss Nigeria International (MNI) will become a medium for giving voice to women and other people, places and events that are least represented in the media.

She is a true life survivor en-graced with the rare ability to win all the time. She is also debonair. She is fascinated by words and is on her way to becoming a sesquipedalian. Vanessa loves life and lives it to the fullest and is driven by excellence and commitment to the works of her hands. She is an uncompromising non-conformist, yet liberal. Vanessa prides her connections with people in power and is determined to balance the socio-economic inequity between women and men using education, skills and character to uphold the dignity and integrity of the Nigerian woman

*A GLOBAL CERUTTI MEDIA SUBMISSION... . Beyond Image Making; Touching Lives Positively

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