Leadership Publisher, Sam Ndah- Isiah Speaks of His UAE Experience With Security Officers Over 5 Ghana Must Go Bag Full Of Books

"Preparation is mother of all fortune"

Global youths, success minded mortals and future moguls must imbibe the culture of being addictive readers of good books if they  earnestly craves for  their desires to come through in a legitimate manner

A publisher and big stage world conference speaker, Dr Sam Ndah- Isiah the group chairman and publisher of Leadership newspaper has stated

Speaking to a large group of youths in Abuja, Dr Isiah stated " Some go to Dubai and other overseas countries to shop.. I go buy books, to be great youths must love reading- your answers to life's many problems are there " he quipped

Explaining the distance he has travelled to get books.. The publisher

revealed his experience with UAE securities on a trip to Dubai

" I had passed in from Toronto into Dubai with five Ghana must go bags and inside the airport I was taken to a corner for special search

" For two hours they searched and scrutinised all the books thinking it was hard currency and the end of the day they apologised- that is the mentality for books maketh the man" he opined

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