Chelsea Of England EPL Story: 3 Secret Of Success Weapon You Must Learn From Passionate Anthonio Conte

"There is time for everything under the Sun"- King Solomon


How time flies?

  • As far back as August 6th 2016, De Cerutti weekend sports mix did an inspiring report on about to be crowned English champions'  tactician, Antonio Conte(


The story was tagged " The forward thinking philosophies of Conte and it dwelt on the secret behind his deep passion for the beautiful game

Less that one year today, he is set to take home the EPL crown should his team Chelsea outclass West Brom Albion tonight

The night promises to be a night of wild passionate celebration for such is what Conte is known for

Beyond his deep passion,Conte is also said to be a most classical dresser and lover of little children- he never fails to share moments of joy with them and is never to busy to sign autographs for them
- Perhaps the three qualities are secrets behind the success story of Conte: The EPL king in waiting

* Special report
By Chief Cerutti M.Osagie
F: Cerutti weekend sports mix


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