Just Like Planting A Three Today... UBA Wise Savers Promo Urges All To Embrace Regular Savings (Part 3)

The ongoing nationwide " Wise Savers Promo " by African global bank, UBA  has been likened to  a seed planted today that can beautify the future 
And in continuation of our encounter with a northern staff of the bank, your educative World industry leaders online magazine presents you with special savings tips part  iii

•The earlier tips/  steps provided here will help you start a consistent strategy for setting money aside, but you still need to determine where the money that you save will go. Your savings needs to be divided up between short, medium and long-term
financial goals. Then you need to funnel the money in your savings into different accounts and assets that will help you achieve those goals.Keep in mind that a traditional bank savings account will not earn money with interest added quickly. In fact, most savings accounts have an interest rate of less than 1%. As a result, your money doesn’t grow fast enough for everything your savings needs to support if you just leave it in your traditional savings account.Instead, you need to find other types of accounts, securities and assets that you can invest your savings in to help you reach your goals. 

This special money tips is compilation of 
Mike Cerutti Osagie
Editor in Chief

World leaders online magazine
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