Anthointte Rita Okoiye: Aiming To Touch Lives Via Her Poems (1

" The world is but a stage "- the legendary word smith wizard Sir Williams Shakespeare once mused

And it is not a surprise  that British born Nigerian poet , lawyer and inspirational speaker,  Antoinette Rita Okoiye is fast playing her part on the big stage of poetry

Her romance with the pen on paper to  create a good read is most fascinating to say the least

She had started writing poetry at the age  of 9 and later metamorphosed in a song writer,producer and novelist

Her poems have been described as deep and most impacting on the lives of many, hence today we are taking the liberty to present few of her works for the delight of our global readers

As jovial as the sun
  with this is toI am
Plenty of mystery gone
All that remains are my glistening treasures

I taste the rainbow 
So sweet,sincere ,tender, calm
Surrounded by peace
I am frozen with ease 

Swept of my feet
Happiness takes its toll
I am at home
Through my journey alone

Winds blow with strength
Tress uproot their large trunks
Floating on sir
Still happy am there

Copyright Antoinette Rita Okoiye

Produced by permission for
 G .Cerutti Media 


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