With EPL Title In Sight..Chelsea's Shepard, Antonio Conte Proves He Is Only Human

He is not only regarded as one of world's most passionate coach's  he can also easily pass out of one of the best dressed sports man,- a truly great Italian

And now, immensely basking in the euphoria of soon crown English champions, Chelsea tactician Antonio Conte has made a rare secret confession about missing his family which has further proved that human beings will ever be human beings

In a most emotional confession recently the highly rated Italian master strategist opined " This is my first season away in a new country with a new language and new habits and it is totally different from my past

" For sure to arrive here is not easy and for sure it is not easy to arrive new destination and want to start life in such different place
"If you ask me if my family is missing me honestly I have to say yes they are for it is not easy to stay alone  and live this experience with my family still in Italy so I hope to live this experience with my family next season"  divulged

No doubt if  there is one man in the world assured of retaining his job that man is non other than Conte.. Man who bookmakers had condemned as no hope coach at the start of the season

Congrats in advance coach

* G. Cerutti Sports mix report
E: chiefcerrutti@gmail.com


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