The Ramata Magic: Force Behind The Dream Speaks Of Inspiration

The Ramata Epistles...

" The future belongs to those who dream big " is a globally famous quote

And only last week, we brought you the historic union between a Senegal classy lady and her music producer that brought to life RAMATA

Today, the force behind the dream finally spoke on the motivation, special report by Mine Cerutti

Q  You are a pioneer in the field of musical fusion between China and Africa. What are your motivations?  

 My motivation is twofold. First, I am led by the love of music and telling stories. I wanted to make a song that creates a cultural bridge between China and Africa in telling the story of an African called Ramata and sharing it with the world.   For me, music is the ideal way to bring people together. We need so much.   Then it is also an investment. Writing a song is one thing but to go to Africa to produce and launch the title is another. That‘s a lot of money but also a lot of energy for a three-minute song.   I believe in the future of Sino-African entertainment industry and I would like to join.  

Q: What are the similarities between the Chinese and African music on which you relied?  

 For this project, the real challenge was to have no reference as this is a unique project of its kind. The source of the two musical worlds are the emotions, not the structure. Chinese music is based on melody and African music rather on the pace. This makes interesting song musically and artistically. 

Q:  When you think "Chinafrica" First we think trade and raw materials for you But what is the "Chinafrica"?   

For me it is a gateway to the art but also on trade with huge development potential. We have so much to share and we can all reap the benefits. That said I think it will take several generations before being fully effective. But I‘m so proud to add my stone building.


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