Secret Success Of Rich And Famous (SSORF) Princess Adadionrama Speak To Youths On Money Spirit

Princess Adadioranma  aka mama Ossy Bosco is a reputable business woman and role model

The property tycoon and mother of child prodigy Ossy Bosco is one lady that has seen it all in business world and now projecting her son to fame

Last night we asked her for advice to the youths, she obliged and confessed " Am amazed when I hear able bodied men or girls telling me they are broke and stranded

" That is not God desire for then.. They must study money and know it is spirit it does not cone to you. You go to her, get her and take care of her, all over you is money for example
you come to me instead of asking money you can decide to market Ossy Bosco brand and make good money by side, simple as that  ..let our young folks think outside box" she posited

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