The Enterprising Story of Temitope Timothy Onafowope : Woman Who Opted For Her Rightful Place With Destiny

By Chief   Cerutti Osagie
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Temitope Timothy Onafowope  a highly successful and busy Nigerian lady living  in UK, and her success easily remind  one  of lesson of old which spells it clear and sharp that in life, we are all master of our faith and captain of our soul
If in doubt, let us go back to the lessons gotten our history book of philosophies, for when the English poet, W.C Henley wrote the prophetic lines “I am the Master of my faith, I am the Captain of my Soul” he should have informed us that the reason we are masters of our faith, the Captains of our Soul is because we have the power to control our thoughts
He should have told us that the ether in which this little planet floats, in which we move and have our being, is a form of energy moving at an incredible high rate of vibration, and that the ether is filled with a form of universal power which adapts itself to nature of thoughts we hold in our minds, and influences us, in natural ways, to transmute our thoughts into their physical equivalent.

If the poets told us of this great truth, we would know why it is that we are MASTERS of our Fate, the CAPTAIN OF OUR Souls, he should  also have told us, with great emphasis, that this power makes no attempt to discriminate between destructive and constructive thoughts, that it will urge us to translate into physical reality thoughts of poverty just as quickly as it will influence us to act upon thoughts of riches-for our brains becomes magnetized with the dominating thoughts we hold in our minds. By  means with which no one is familiar, these magnet ATTARCTS US TO THE FORCES, THE PEOPLE, THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF LIFE WHICH HARMONISE WITH THE NATURE OF OUR DOMINATING THOUGHTS
Such can be said of this enterprising lady called Temitope Timothy Onafowope  a renowned and prolific caterer and the Chief Executive Officer of JTee Catering International based in the United Kingdom and Nigeria.
She got interested in catering at a tender age through her aunt who is also a caterer. Back then, She assists her aunt whenever she's giving a job to cater for an event, and gradually she got inspired by her and took the decision that she's going to be a caterer.
During her Secondary School Days, Temi as she is fondly called will go around commercial stores asking them to patronize her for the supply of snacks and drinks to sell in their stores. She also bakes Birthday Cake for her friends for their birthday just to practice and be consistent inorder not to loose her Vision and mission.

 After her high school in Nigeria, Temitope relocated to the U.K. From there, she got more exposure and training on catering which gave her the fit to become a Certified and professional Caterer and Since then she has been doing well and touching the life of millions of people through her carrier and generosity. Cateress as she's being called by her husband has worked with many advanced companies home and abroad, among them are Unilever Nigeria and UK, Music Foresight Incorporation, Tymorebs Nigeria Limited, etc.
She has also catered for Many Events Such as Weddings, Birthday Parties, Burial Ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies, Seminar in Nigeria and abroad. Temi loves cooking, Singing and having children around her. She also has a foundation 'Jtee Foundation' that trains many people who love to learn hand work. She is a devout Christian, hardworking, diligent and kind.

 She is happily Married and blessed with a Daughter Oluwatise. Sis Tope 2: On her life mission, she mused “My Mission in Nigeria is to Empower Nigerian Youths to achieve their goals and be fulfilled in their various profession, am optimistic of a better future for Nigeria youths 


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