“Obstacles in life are to be confronted boldly with courage rather than with fear”-Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Special life lesson Report by Mike Cerutti Osagie
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It is not a crime to speak with an emotional laden voice every now and then, for even our master, Jesus Christ once at the garden of Gethsemane went very emotional
Last Sunday ,July 17th 2017, respected man of God and big stage speaker, Apostle Joseph Dominic Agboli, spiritual leader of Victorious Army Ministries- and a man called to liberate mankind from every oppression of the devil through the teaching and preaching of word of faith, deliverance, salvation and all that  pertains to life and godliness-was most emotional when he recollected few  incident that occurred to him during his dark days of perpetual lack before the “garment of many colors “ was bestowed on him via his faith in Christ Jesus

Apostle Agboli was full of praises to God that he never quit even when he passed through the valley of shadow of death and saw many loyalist and associate betrayed him, he still had strong faith in God. HE shared few old pains he passed through and in our usual style, we present to you in grand style to learn from

·        “ To quit in your days of trial or days in wilderness is evil, it means your faith in God is small, I have passed many trials and am glad I never one day doubt God’s ability to see me through

·        “In the days of yore, they called  my Church all sort of names, they rained insults, they did not  or they failed to see the miracle that took place in the place, that is they failed to talk of people that came here with sleepers and are today millionaires; they failed to see and talk about women that came here barren but today are mothers of  many children, all these they failed to see
·        “Even On many occasion they accused me and my wife false fully, they wrote a petition against us that we stole a whopping N200million, I asked how? How will  we have 200 million and yet at then we were staying in one room flat with no window blind, no single taste of luxury, yet accused of stealing millions?”
·        “All these troubles we passed through were handwork of insiders...I call them the Amalekite in our midst, and yes, indeed a man’s foes most times can be his best friends, or enemies writing, for as we were to later learn, all the petitions to police against us, me and my wife were from people within us that fed and celebrated with us, but I ask, can man steal from himself? Can you steal from what you have?
·        VOICE OF POOR MAN, NOBODY CAN HEAR : Apostle Agboli went further to speak on his early days and the trail he went through as a poor man, just out of school and in  his word, still using the type of  wretched shoes called “Signs and wonder type of shoe”
“In my growing up days, I used to have a very good childhood friend, whom we both ate played and did everything together as kids, but after school, then I had no job, I decided to visit home because I have not been home for many years, tom my greatest surprise, when I arrived my village, that my friend has become a big time player, working in bank and with good job and car, and even then building home in village
“ when I went to his place to  visit him, I realized that I was not  really welcomed, the attitude has changed, after my first , second trip, I realized that  I was becoming a nuisance and I decided to reduce my vast to his place, that was when I realize the truth in Bible, that the voice of poor man nobody can hear it, so pathetic, that my childhood friend was to even leave the village and back to Lagos without telling me, not many gave me a chance, but few years after my church  in 1007 a year after I had my first child, I went back  to my village and to my shock, even the village king came to welcome me, my house was beehive of visitors that came to welcome me and say  their son Joseph is a true son of the village, I suddenly had voice and from morning till night my home was jam packed..The voice of the poor, no one hears

In conclusion of his brief story of the many trails he passed through, the man of God Apostle Agboli reeled a parable in his native language which translated meant: NO FOREST, NO MATTER HOW LARGE CAN CONSUME THE EARTH
IN his word “We are all passing through trails in life, from President Buhari to Obama to the man on street, trails is part of script of life, but know this... without passing through trial, there will not be breakthrough, Joseph passed through 4 “ P” OF HEAVY TRAIL, BUT ENDED UP AS Prime minster, that is story of life, no trail  can kill you, it will only make you stronger if you do not quit, you can even write a while book on what you have passed through yet God has deliver you, you must decide to fight back your trails with boldness back by faith in Christ Jesus, and that is the only way you can take your destiny  or garment of glory by force”


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