·        Ronaldo: Just like a car that travels million of kilometers without a single fault on high way-Veteran Knee surgeon, Dr Jose Carlos 

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“You must define yourself in life or else men will define you” -JOHN WESLY

World autobiographical book once told us of a very vital story on self definition and it s power, when Benny Hinn, the great healing evangelist that was once greatly persecuted and even ostracized when he first accepted to be born again-he was treated by his family like an intruder
As the story goes, one day his father called him and asked “Benny, tell me what is it, I‘ll do anything for you if only you will renounce your faith and leave this your Jesus Christ”. To the dismay of his father, Benny replied
“I would die before I‘d give up what I’ve found”
Today, Benny is one of world greatest brand, big televangelist, global speaker and strikingly wealthy
The message is simple, if life if one does not know what he want, anything will satisfy you and as the philosophical saying goes, if you don’t define yourself, men will define you and if you allow men to define you, they will classify you, they will nullify you
To be  success in life means one must treasure whatever he /she fins their hands in and give it the maximum best, either day or night, either in sunshine or rainfall
Such is the case of our Monday peak inspirational personality, world famous Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7)-he is case study worthy of emulations by all who desire a drive into the acme of their calling
Only recently, the great Portuguese legendary knee surgeon Jose Carlos Noronha hailed Cristiano Ronaldo unique virtues, physical and mental prowess and ability to learn more
After a successful surgery, the veteran Knee surgeon has this to say of Ronaldo “He has a unique physique. It is like those cars that last millions of kilometer without any fault
“I have known Ronaldo for 11 years, since he was in Manchester. He had some minor injuries and always asked for advice”
“IN addition to having a great character, he is an all round athlete who fulfills all that is required to maintain a physical and psychological form to the fullest, from his food, what he eats or drink, to where and when he sleeps and his fitness
“Ronaldo’s greatest asset is his scholarly attributes and not only occasionally , but every now and then he calls to ask me if there are new scientific articles that he can read to learn more of healthy food, fitness and other topics than can help his career
“This is a perfect example of totality of an athlete, he is exceptional, and this must motivate the young ones, who continues to enjoy great deal of care and concern from Ronaldo, who loves to integrate them to big stage and take away their fear or shame, but rather will want to make them rise to the top of their game just as he is doing year in year out


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