Olashore International School Graduates Leaders To Tackle 21st Century Challenges

Olashore International School graduated its final year students whom had undergone all necessary trainings in character and learning to become leaders in a changing world in order to fit into the dynamic global society in the 21stcentury. This valedictory took place at the school premises at Illoko - Ijesha, Osun State recently.  
The Principal rated the graduating set uniquely. His words; “The graduating set has been outstanding in their IGSCE exams and in initiating good ideas. They’ve been very good academically.  In this graduating set, we have been able to see outstanding leadership skills. Once again, the selected prefects have excelled. They took on the role of leaders in the school and developed new ideas.

They initiated the Olashore School Award. The event which they planned and organized allowed students to identify role models within the school and celebrate them. This commitment to the Olashore Standard is something that has been evident not just in the prefects but across the year group. He commended the graduating students, while reiterating that each graduating set gets better than the other, and that this set has done much more than expected”.
He pointed out that morals of Honesty, Service and Honour has been instilled in each student to become a better person, and to represent the school well anywhere they find themselves. “If you notice the Olashore Alumni across the world, they take up leadership positions wherever they are, because the leadership traits had been instilled in them, while also instilling morals of Honesty, Service and Honour, just like we’ve done to our present graduating set. Value runs across in the school and is encapsulated in everything we do. Olashore has always impacted leadership skills in her students; we only thought it wise to give it a structure, an academic framework and a more solid background”.

He however advised them to maintain the morals values that have been instilled in them and share with the people they meet as they begin the next stage of their lives.
On his part, the Chairman Board of Governors, Prince Abimbola Olashore, stated “The School has improved from what it used to be last year. We are always pleased to see physical improvement in our infrastructure; it shows a continuous investment in our facilities. We strengthened our staffing, employed the services of a new vice-principal, and strengthened our technology through the distribution of one on one iPads for learning starting from Year 7. The school is making a progress in a more strategic way which is important in learning outside the classroom. The evidence that we produce world class students is that they are seen as outstanding in their work places and their employers are usually proud of them. We’ve given all our students, including the graduating set, the foundation and platform to help build their confidence anywhere they find themselves. Even as they graduate, I encourage them to be confident of the education they’ve gotten from the school”.
The Guest Speaker, Mrs Ibukun Awosika, advised the students to make personal positive decisions as they prepare to move into the next stage of their lives, knowing fully well that whatever decision they take in life, determines their life book which will be written based on their achievements in life.
In the Euphoria of the Valedictory service, the Best Graduating Student, Miss Fiyinfoluwa Okupe, an 17 year old lawyer-to-be, explained that Olashore International School has helped her literary and leadership skills to be brought up to date by giving her in the midst of peers the opportunity to be exposed to different scenerios in various leadership positions. The Ogun State born graduands with awards in nine (9) subjects confessed that hard work, focus, dedication to God, getting priorities right, walking with the right set of people, and maintaining good relationships, are some of the qualities that helped her scale towards greater heights. She however advised her juniors to take same steps in order to climb the ladder of success.
In the same vein the outgoing Head Girl, Miss Iremide Arowolo, explained that Olashore International School has taught her time management, responsibility, friendliness, confidence and punctuality, amongst others. She however advised her fellow graduands to keep pushing forward despite challenges, and to her juniors, to keep striving for the best without taking anything for granted.
Finally, the Outgoing Head Boy, Master Unokiwedi Patrick, pointed out that the school has taught her to be a good leader through the skills instilled in him. He then advised his fellow graduands never to forget their roots and rather make impacts, while to his juniors, he advised to keep up with hard work as they trust in God.
Established in 1994, on 60 acres of land, Olashore International School is a co-educational school which offers high quality education in a wide range of subjects at Junior Secondary and  Senior Secondary along with a University Foundation Programme in partnership with Lancaster University and the Institute of Education, Dublin. Over the past 20 years, the school has succeeded in developing a cluster of world class services around the school including a first class hotel, a golf course and a leadership training centre that all combine to give the school a unique identity. The school is particularly appealing to discerning Nigerians at home and abroad, as well as expatriates residing in Nigeria, who desire a school with a strong value system, demonstrable track record and a clear sense of purpose.@olashore_s

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The Principal, Olashore International School, Mr Derek Smith; The Best Graduating Student, Miss Mofiyinfoluwa Okupe; The Guest Speaker and Founder & CEO, The Chair Centre Group, Mrs Ibukun Awosika;  at the 2016 Valedictory Service of the Year 12 students, recently at Illoko-Ijesha, Osun State.Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\favour\Desktop\OLASHORE DOCS\2016\Valedictory Service\DSC_0184.JPG
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