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One of the great minds of today’s information age is a Nigerian, named Phillip Emegwali, who strangely had to leave school at very early age, simply because his parents were too poor to pay his school fees
But as faith will have it, he was later awarded a scholarship to the University of London and went on to make history by inventing a rare formula that makes the computer to make 3.1 billion calculations per second. Some people call him Bill of Africa, remarked former American President, Bill Clinton

This is no flattery, Emegwali’s achievement and laurels as a scientist ,researcher, computer giant, mathematician and engineer have been too numerous to list, so it will not be out of place to tag him the true  African Bill GATES
What Emegwali is to science, may perhaps be said to be what Steve Keshi-
the recently passed away former Super eagles captain and coach is to football. He was the first Nigeria to go and play big time professional football in Europe, first Nigeria to win the Nations cup as player and later a coach; first and only Nigeria to lead another Country to qualify for the prestigious FIFA WORLD CUP
Since his death on June 8th 2016, many gigantic tributes have been paid him from across the world, and even till date, tributes are still pouring in. But just as George Powell said in Animal farm “All animals are equal, but some are more equal”

In presenting this rrae tribute, we went in search of a top fashion player, a childhood friend of Keshi, one time business associate and close confidant of the legendary footballer, in person of King David Kolawole Vaughan PRESIDENT and CEO of DAKOVA/DKV
brands to comment on his late friend
Hear him: “I knew Keshi during our primary school days in Ebutte Metta are of Lagos and unto secondary school days, where he attended the famous St Finbarrs Secondary school
“Though our path never crossed on the soccer pitch, I had always respected his talent, while he was born to play football I was perhaps born to be a disco dancer and fashion whiz
“ My  real football memory of Keshi was  as far back as  1974 when at the age of 11/12 and in form one of St Finbarrs College , he was already playing in a secondary school cup finals  against St Gregory, I recall seeing him seating on bench of his team as just a small kid in form 1

“ By his year 2 in secondary school, he has already moved to St Finbarrs main team to tell you the depth of his soccer prodigy as a kid, Keshi was born to pay football and he had always loved the game, from his boyhood days  he  was sucked into soccer and was always moving from one place with his gangs of football friends to the other, and wan expert in all slot on the defense from right back, left back to central defense, am not surprised he later became the corner stone of our national team defense, from 1981 that he stepped into the pitch to replace a weak Christian Chukwu in a world cup qualifier against Algeria


We asked the fashion mogul to tell us some rare qualities he saw in keshi that shot him to the peak of his career
Hear his observation” As a man I played with as kid, watched all his life at home and abroad, did business with, have him advertise for my first fashion shop, back in days, I can vividly tell you that Keshi was blessed with few numbers of rare qualities’

“He had an intense organizational ability off and on pitch, he was an organized man, and he took that quality to his soccer career, for example he has a way of organizing his boys to stay loyal to him in the game of soccer
“ Keshi was born leader and have heavy dose of leadership quality, there is no way you will not look up to him, off and on pitch, Keshi was born to win, he trains hard because he love to be winner, he can’t stand defeat, he shouts and bark on pitch so afford losing any match

“But through the benefit of hindsight, beyond this qualities I mentioned, I think Keshi was man of peak tenacity, carries himself with grace, charisma and dignity, he never sells himself cheap, even when he was advertising my brand as young designer, he was okay by just wearing my cloths in exchange of the photo shoots, I think in all he was an enigma, we will always love him”

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