Secret of success series: to live a life of discouragement is to live a life of defeatist- PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME

A lot has been said of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
In some area is being unfortunately maligned, but he remains of world’s best success masters, constantly writing and speaking the word on daily bases
His early morning devotional book is loaded to the hilt with words of hope, and those who take out time to seek/dig inside the book, often times, win big in life
Hear him, when he recently spoke on the dangers of being discourage
“To use the word often that I get discouraged sometimes is a most traumatic affirmation and it is defeatist because one vital thing God requires of us is courage. He admonishes us copiously in the scriptures never to be discouraged

“To get discouraged means you trusted in your own ability and not in the Lord, it means you allowed your feelings to dictate the circumstances of your existence. When you believe God’s word, it doesn’t mean your faith won’t be tested but that’s where you prove that what you‘ve come to believe is real
The man of God went on to argue that believing is a process of possession, when you believe, that thing you believe settles in your spirit. It then moves from something you believe in to something you know, something you possess and at that point it can never be taken away from you, because  
THE BELIEVER IS A HAVER, for her that believeth have
In conclusion, Oyahkilome warned all and sundry, never to be discouraged, even in the face of daunting challenges, one must maintain the confession, stand your ground, apply the same principles in your health, finances, academics and family

·        We thank Pastor Oyakhilome for this most inspiring magnum opus
-A Cerutti inspiring series 2016


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