Eunice Efole Names God In New Style Creation !

" Style is inborn "

One of Nigerian  sensational 4th time style  Icon Eunice Efole, churn out one of her exquisite , personal  designs to the  delight of the viewing  eyes,insisting the idea of all her creation is direcyly giving her by God

She wants all to  live their dream, confessing  that " In life as I have found out 90% of what I  wears are made by me yet am not trained designer, just God gift"
She does not only love looking good, she is also a good cook, a fitness  enthusiast, a property  developer and a special project  specialist.

Beyond her fashion sense,  you must also know Eunice love cooking for guest, serving God and  working when others are sleeping

This lady of immense  style  was most emphatic and  wants youth to live their dreams

She went on to divulged that " 90% of our God-given talents are yet to be tapped by us."
This  is a case study of Efole

She concluded that  she is an added plus not a minus" to any one she meets for in life  all things good  and  beautiful is gift from God

Report by Africa's wordsmith,  czar Cerutti Osagie .
Wasap : +234 80937003 


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