“DESTINY is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice, it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved”- William Jennings Bryan 1860- 1925

The Lagos –Abeokuta express way leading to the gigantic Winner Chapel aka Cannanland situated on KM 10 Abeokuta express way is usually a very busy and bursting road on Sunday
THERE you see people from all walks of life and all over the Country trooping to hear the word of faith from one of world’s biggest church auditorium on earth today
The Sunday of MAY 29, 2016 was most electrifying, the handbills shared the week before, was most arresting, it had in it “COME AND HAVE AN ENCOUNTER WITH DESTINY”
So naturally on that Sunday, all the  four services was loaded to the hilt to hear the Church’s General overseer speak on lessons about his own encounter with destiny
In this special report, best selling writer, inspirational blogger and a close follower of Bishop Dr David Oyedepo who was one of the discerning guests in attendance, files for you what the anointed man of God has to say of his encounter with destiny and what can earnestly learn from. He said it, and we noted it in bullet point (PART 1)

   “Every anointed child of God is bound to have and enjoy his an counter with destiny. My Encounter with the Lord occurred when  God  told me that in this life we live, I David Oyedepo is absolutely responsible for any strep in life that I take, that word touched my bones and marrows, from that day on, I never I never think of ever begging any man for aid, from that day, October 4 1981 I decided to take my destiny and my life in my own hand and till date , God has not failed me in one day, rather than beg, my destiny is to lend to Nations and touch lives

·        “ OUR worth in Christ is determined by our encounter with destiny, and once we experience that encounter with destiny, shame and reproach is no part of our lives because you cannot have light and darkness in the same place, a child of destiny must not have sign of pity around him or her, it is disgrace to live in pity as child of God, our destiny si to rise and rise

·        “To enjoy encounter with destiny means to be alert at every giving time, for God can speak to you anywhere , even in the toilet, we must be sensitive for we do not know when destiny will come calling, either from North, west or South

·        “To enjoy an encounter with destiny, means to HAVE AN UNDYING PASSION FOR God, for the hotter and passionate your love is for God ,the hotter His  love will be for you, for God is a God that delight in revealing his secret to those that diligently love and seek Him, we must remain prayerful, for He said call upon me, and I will answer you

·        “When you are or have an encounter with destiny, you are never desperate for the things of this world, take our ministry for example, I was never desperate or go  begging with cap in hand for alms, this massive building was built  by faith and we owe no debt, no bank loan, no government loan, all the building giving to WAS  by God, even the jets, what make many to want to kill and  eager for, it was giving to us by God, delivered  without stress, I tell you if you put your trust in God and remain a child of destiny your worth will be to call what you want and God will give you”

·        *STORY BY Cerutti Mike Osagie 
E: youngchief@yahoo.com
WASAP: + 234 8020937003


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