In a special confirmation to WORLD INDUSTRY LEADERS parent company, CERUTTI MEDIA GROUP,
 Miss-K, also dubbed "The African Marilyn Monroe", 
who is the C.E.O and the face behind the Branding Agency, Golden Grind Creative Group, an Entertainment Branding Agency, who Executively coordinated the Media Partners for the hit movie, "Return of the Don", spoke to us on the master piece movie and summed up that on the 17 June 2016, the Red Carpet will start from 7.00pm while the screening begins at 8.30pm and 
concludes with a Q&A with the stars and filmmakers.
(more info on

In a related development, 
Golden Grind Creative Group,who's work has been proven satisfactory good enough to be trusted for the second time running, by Movie Director,Malcom Benson, to globaly endorse his latest master piece “Return of The Don", and previously, "Ortega and his Enemies, 
to worldwide Media outlets.

Once , in her most memorable words on Marble, super woman, Marilyn Monroe once postulated 
“Life is a stage, whatever we do,we must seek front roll”.

Perhaps it is  that front role that has today led to the birth of the new chat buster movie, “Return of the Don”,breaking highest record of
 Benalex Media's last movie Ortega and His Enemies, 

which had 14 Film nominations and 4 awards.
 Set for a historic premier next Friday 17th of June 2016 from 7.00pm at the prestigious - BFI IMAX Waterloo 1 Charlie Chaplin Walk London SE1 8XR

So far the movie has received 7 International Film Festival Official Nominations such as Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Award, London Independent Film Festival, Depth of Field International Film Festival Awards, Canada International Film Festival, Accolade International Film Festival and also Officially Selected by the New World Cinemas to screen at the Marche Du Film in Cannes Film Festival in May 2016

 “From the Official selections, Return of The Don has so far won the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival Award of Recognition, the Accolade International Film Festival Award of Recognition, the Depth of Field International Film Festival Award of Exceptional Merit and the Canada International Film Festival Award of Excellence.
“Director Malcolm A Benson is proud to announce the World Premiere of Return of the Don scheduled for Friday June 17th 2016. The World Premiere and red carpet will be held at the prestigious BFI IMAX in London Waterloo from 7.00pm. The BFI IMAX has the biggest screen in Europe hence ideal venue for the official launch of this great movie.
A 90 minutes feature film set in London, Croydon, Chingford and sub-urban areas in England. Designed for theatrical release in UK, Europe, USA, Africa and the rest of the world.
Malcom Benson
 “Logline: When Police Commander Tracy Caparro, learnt that an exmob
boss Charlie Reid will soon return to the City, it became clear that mayhem is about to unfold. With Jack Ackerman the new gang leader already turning the City into a land of massacre, she must task DC Mills with the deadly assignment of keeping the two gang leaders at bay and her position secure.

 “Return of the Don” guarantees a new height and insight showcasing the ethnic minority group in charge and in top police ranks in a police culture often dominated by white men. It also highlights black women in power while it takes the audience on a journey into the English Mob culture. It exposes the gangs’ culture and its impact on young people’s especially being used for criminal activities often with fatal consequences. The film is packs with action and suspense, which aims to capture a global intrigue keeping its audience at the edge from start to finish.

“Return of The Don’s cast is a mixture of white and black British and African heavy weights including Monalisa Chinda starring as Police Commander Caparro, Steve McTiger – as Jack Ackerman (also starred in Jack the Giant Killer), Paul Van Beaumont as Charlie Reid (also starred in Gatwick Gangster – Vampire Resurrection etc), Malcolm A Benson starring as DC Mills, Lucien Morgan (An American Werewolf in London, Vampire Resurrection) playing DC Chapman, The emerging UK talent Grace Holley, playing Megan Brooks, Amanda Lara Kay (Lead actress in Vampire Resurrection) playing Dana Ackerman, Aida Emeliyanova (The Beast of Bevendean) playing Amber Richardson, Jack Ackerman’s most dangerous serial killer.

Watch out for Malcolm Benson Interview this Wednesday .


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