Efoski, man behind Eldorado speaks Absolute Positivity on Robust Eldorado Future

       By Ceruti Media

As countdown  continues to ticken towards the release of the much anticipated Eldorado new work, his prime promoter , James Efosa Aghedo but popularly known as Bishop James
AKA Efoski has open up to Cerutti Media music unit

The promoter, and record label czar who is  the CEO of Efoski Entertsinment said though it is long way ahead but the world will love what Eldorado is up with tagged "Perdonal Person "

" You can see what he said of 2dace baba, he is on track and I can tell you that Eldorado is  most dynamic with his work spending extra hour in studio to give his best the  world will not regret Eldorado emergence "

 Asked to talk a bit of himself. He simple said : " Am all after good vibes. Efoski Entertainment was established 2014. Efoski is a very simple guy, aspired to help

upcoming artist to fullfiled their dreams. Just simple....

That is the music man for you


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