Prolific Sunday People: After A stop over visit to the disadvantaged at Lagos Hospice home, Monica Omorodion Swaida Vows to return to " Her kids"

Of late,when many people think of a  visit to charity,what easily comes to their mind is a visit to orphanages,- only few think ' outside the box"

Perhaps during her recent visit to Africa to shoot her music video. American  domiciled.  International insurance broker and performer, Monica
Omorodion Swaida must have been armed by the immortal quote on marble of Sir Abraham Lincoln,the late American President which says: " In life we must  live without malice towards none, but with charity to all "

After  a strenuous ten days  businesd visit to Lagos Africa  Swaida decided to give back to the society and chose to visit the hospice children located at plot ,75  Alhaji Masha Road. Onilegogoro  Surulere LagosLagos

It was a most emotional  and life changing session after which she told the World industry's leaders blog  how she felt

" I feel so touched  visiting and spending time at the Lagos hospice home.. Its rare feeling and I think we must change our mentality on how we view hospice children. Give  me a break. They are human the kids need total love and affection, I do not see them as abnormal, in a place like America in no time their deformity will be made normal

" Sure the kids are like my kids and I vow to support them and be there for them like their mother's whom sadly abandoned them, I truly pray for God to forgive those wicked parents " Monica opined

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