Peak Cerutti Media Inspiration: Meet Zidane, man who calls Impossible, possible

He needs little or no introduction before taking his place of pride in the hall mark of fame when the beautiful game  is talked about

Zinadin Zidane

is  one of the most loved sports brand in the world today as active footballer, he played to the peak level and anything he touches turn to gold

Now as coach of Real Madrid he has not done badly. In his first  el classico, he did the impossible leadibg his team to victory at Barca home ground

But the thrust of this piece is the power of possibilitypossibility

On eve of  of the explosive second leg encounter of the  EPL against German machine Wolfburg after a 2-0 first leg defeat, many saw impossibility but not Zidane

Says he on eve of the return leg at the Santiago Barnebeau
: " I see only possibility, Madrid are never prepared for elimination, we always think ahead,am not worried for I know we will triumph to next round,we must remain calm and think of victory

" This is the type of challenge I love,in life its good thing to go through a difficult task,it only brings the best in you "

What came out of Zidane faith?
An emphatic victory for Madrid...and sure,for Zidane, man who saw possibility where many say impossible

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