The Zlatan side worth emulating... piece courtesy: Zinox Digitals

By Mike Cerutti

Alot has been said of Swedish and Paris Saint Germaine  all time greatesf footballer, a man with over 100 appearance and 62 goals for his country

Nicknamed Ibracadabra...Zlatan is full of self confidenee snd once rated himdelf higher than Messi /Ronaldo,saying he is like small god who has won more trophies in other countries than both  stars

But beyond his boastful nature,a lot is there to learn  from  Zlatan especially from his heavy work rate,his team mate Williams confessed that Zlatan is simply a  phenomenon and every young fellow must learn from him
“I hope that all our youngsters continue to learn from Zlatan. They can use Ibrahimovic as an example – he works and trains each day like it was his first.
“Zlatan's story speaks for itself, and so does his career. He has always been decisive and it continues to be that way in Paris.”

No doubt,not only footballers,every man that aim to be top of his game must emulate the work ethic of big thinker and talker Zlatan 


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