After 26 years of life and international professional experiences oversees, Nigerian born French man, Aime returns with massive global vision for Africans( part 1)

Only recently, international media consultant and best. Selling word smith, chief CERUTTI Osage ,who is also CEO of  world leaders blog / CERUTTI media had a  Most extensive audience with Paris  based Nigerian born Aime LENOU, a top  automation engineer & business manager, French-English-German proficiency, free thinker and doer, etc. It was thought provoking session, enjoy  It 

Why back home?
After 26 years of life and international professional experience oversee with no bigger existential challenges, it is time to pay tribute to my Africa roots by contributing to its development.
I have reached the Confucius age of certitude and can freely decide without regret and fear about my future existential aspirations in today globalized world.

What are your first observations in Nigeria?
Nigeria is similar to all other African developing countries, but with stronger business potential and opportunities. Unfortunately, the main pillars of development are not yet visible. Nevertheless they can be created, implemented and consolidated within less than 10 years following the South Korean model.

What is your favorite project for Nigeria and Africa?
A Competence Center for Business & Technology for the transfer of professional knowledge, know-how and management competences to my people at affordable and unbeatable prices is one of my biggest challenges.

It is a very immense and everlasting project, right?
The project sounds immense today like the pyramids construction in their days, but with the identification and state-of-the-art networking of right skills and competences in Nigeria and Abroad, we can easily develop the concept of “Business tourism” for diaspora professionals and Africa believers around the world to start reversing the fundamental and frustrating brain-drain issue.
1000,000 believers contribute 1,000 Naira yearly, the money issue is over.
Facebook & Google could reconstruct the pyramids today within 10 years.

Can you give me any immediate business project for Nigeria?

We are working on a participative web-platform project that will get all existing entities in Nigeria as pilot target by 2017 and later all Africa out of the internet darkness.

Affordable professional communication and internet presence in English and French is a MUST for any African business, institution, organization, association, region, community, individual, etc. in the 21st century.

Any predefined timing and first investments for your project?
If the actual land acquisition in Ibeju-Lekki is successful, the project can start in 2016 with a scalable and reasonable first investments volume of 150 000 Euros.
Its development phase will need bigger investments. If successful, strong local and diaspora win-win partnerships with investors and followers will be guaranteed.

Next. To come.,., What are his  first recommendations to President Buhari?


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