Ex Miss Commonwealth, Amaka Oguchi Expresses Emotion over role in new Thermacool Advert

Still basking in the euphoria of her highly successful  advert of a deep fridge and fridges, beauty merchant, and past winner of Miss Commonwealth, Africa, Ms Amaka Oguchi has expressed  mixed emotions over her lead house wife role in the epic advert currently being aired in pay per view stations

Hear her "  I grew up watching the Thermacool adverts I mean the very old classic one that had the man on kaki shirt and pants displaying the different freezers am sure alot of people can relate to that. I absolutely loved that ad. I remember There are times I would always run out from wherever I was just to watch it.... Years later am here representing the same brand. It's magic. I Think the guy knew I wanted to be him lolll. I'm very proud to have this opportunity to represent such a great brand that has served Nigeria and most of Africa for a long time"

On after feeling effects?

"When I watched the ad I feel a sense of satisfaction cause the whole team from production, to hair and make up, logistics, Thermacool supervisors the models everybody one put in their best to ensure the ad came out as one alot of people can relate with giving the fact of the light situation. Who wouldn't want a freezer that would keep stuff cool for days after a power outage" says the queen as she giggled

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