PAPAS CEO, Okamigbo Wants Couples To Blossom Their Love Life With Regular Dance Steps

A weekend classy report  ,By Cerutti Osage

 Franklin Emenike Okamigbo CEO of PAPAS entertainment's   world is a man that needs little or no introduction before taking his place of pride in the hall of fame in the country, especially where events management and big boys  get together are concerned

He has managed many high brow clubs and he Is  often regarded as man who brings class in any club or events he sets up
Only last night,he spoke to us and this time,he  advising, that couple  who desire a long lasting relationship must learn to form the habit of dancing together every now and then
" Am not saying this because I run a club, but s global survey has shown that    Couples who indulge in any kind of extra-curricular activities together ,chief of which is dancing in club or parties once s while, are known to have a better sense of bonding than regular couples. When you take up dancing lessons together you start spending more time together. As a result you begin to communicate more with each other and, perhaps, find the same bonding you had at the early stages of your relationship"

The PAPAS CEO went further " As couples take to dancing together, they learn to understand each other better than they would otherwise. Dancing requires co-ordination and for co-ordination, you need to develop mutual understanding. As you slowly start understanding your partner’s moves, you start to mould yourself accordingly. When dancing with your partner, the understanding you establish is purely non-verbal, a level of understanding much beyond spoken.
"For When partners come together to dance, they learn to work together, to use their contrasting qualities to achieve a common goal and trust each other. Partners begin to cooperate much better as there are no ego clashes involved. The awareness of the need to work in harmony to reach their goal drives them to understand and work on each other’s cues which start showing its positive effects off the dance floor too"
The PAPAS boss regretted that many see couple coming to club as strange act,but went on to posit that : "ultimately, dancing together is about establishing connect and a strong sense of partnership. The concept of working in harmony towards building something can be enriching not only for your relationship but for you as a whole. It makes you want to be a better partner and become the infallible couple"

 *What a timely warning to/for couples!


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