Prolific people The smart work philosophy of Pastor J T Kalejaiye

Exclusive report by Cerutti Osagie, ikoyi Lagos

" Some men are born great " global wordsmith William Shakespeare once mused " Some achieve greatness, while some have greatness bestowed on them"

Pastor J T Kalejaiye ,the Redeem Christian Church of God  Regional evangelist is our subject matter today in our newly introduced column, prolific people
He is a man that means different thing to different people ,to some he is like the ex president of Haiti, Jean Bertrand- Aristides, while  to others he is like South Africa Archbishop emeritus Sir Desmond Tutu- both men that are never afraid to speak up on their government ,despite their being men of God in bishops robes- Kalejaiye, was most outspoken against the former regime of ex president Good luck Jonathan 

Yet again, in another light, Kalejaiye is seen as a philanytopist per excellence who uses majority of his hard earned money  to touch the lived of the poor and disadvantages  in the sociaty , he is said to be a dangerous giver of  hope to the hopeles  and succour without attaching stringent condition of a pay back 

No doubt, here is a man that has impacted many common men on the street, in churches, police stations and in prison

But beyond his philanthropic gestures, Kalejaiye is a man who often divulged that his greatest desire is to emancipate  the minds of the aged as well as the man on the rise

One of such ways is his desire for all mortals to think and work smart, and not just hard work 

Hear him: " Thinking smart is all there is to life, God used seven days to build the earth ,He worked smart all through that week

" And today, I come to tell you that any man who is working hard  on his own without God in the picture is not smart, he is like a lady who badly wants a child but does not want to commit or be with a man 

" I give you another example , a smart man is one who  goes  to a big man house for favour, on getting there he sees the man in bad mood or having  argument with his wife or staffs, a smart man will leave and return come other time, while a foolish man will want to wait because he is in need.
" in all honesty smartness is key to victory of life, it is not about the number of hours one work but God favour, after all the wisest man on earth king Solomon says  it all , that there is time for all things on earth.


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