Ex- Model, turned Security Expert, Amina Karatu speaks on her American Voyage

Amina Karatu  was a top flight model from Kebbi , in North of Nigeria before she called it quit and migrated to  Gods own country, America. Now back home, the African wordsmitn, Cerutti Osage encountered her for a robust chit chat. Enjoy the excerpt

Please tell us of your days as model
I did a lot of modeling work years back and it was generally awesome. I had lots of great experience and exciting time and that exposed me to lots of people and places. It increased my ability to work with people of different diversity. There were pains and frustrations along the way but these were quite  few times and pales very significantly with the excitement and unforgettable experience I gained at this time. It was through this journey that I represented my state, Kebbi in Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant. The experience with the girls and the entire process was unforgettable.

What motivated you to move to America and how will you describe your stay in USA
I was in LASU  at this time but my interest was largely in Fashion. I have always been creative and liked making designs. I also worked in my mum’s Fashion Design outlet at that time. So at a point I felt I should just do what I liked most, which was fashion designing. That was my motivation. I eventually left to US for a degree in Fashion Design. Initially I didn’t have much friends and had to concentrate more in my studies with very little social engagements. Over time, this changed as I started meeting people and making friends and eventually socializing with my friends. I did not feel much of the culture shock being in a different country because I had most of my aunts and uncles in US and that provided soft landing for me. So I was able to get used to most things immediately and with minimal difficulties. My overall stay in US was fruitful and very eventful.

What were your achievement educating wise
As I mentioned already, I went to US to study Fashion Designing and I have a degree in Digital Apparel Design. After my graduation, I worked as associate designer/buyer for some fashion establishments before settling as manager for upscale fashion house for years before resigning to pursue other interesting projects. I also launched my clothing line, Minachy in 2011 in Los Angeles.

We heard that you were in fashion but later moved to other lines
My experience in US has also offered a different perspective to my interests. In addition to my fashion design, i have come to see myself more as a business woman and like to explore opportunities I believe are realistic, profitable and sustainable. 
Tell us of your new business and how it can benefit Nigeria

The recent happenings in Nigeria give cause for concern. Businesses and government need to provide for public safety and asset protection. So, my recent interest is around access control and security surveillance and how we can protect individuals and assets in Nigeria. This will improve public safety and reduce crimes such as theft, kidnapping and at the same time, boost security personnel readiness to combat security threats in Nigeria. 
To be more specific, with the new business we integrate, design and deploy public safety and security technologies that protect people and property, efficiently, and effectively. Public safety and law enforcement applications include:
o    License plate recognition (LPR)
o    Access control
o    Site monitoring
o    Mobile solutions
o    Facial recognition

There are many additional functions which realize surveillance anytime anywhere. This remote video surveillance consolidates long  and short distance between monitor points in a control center, and provides the required one point of 360 degree view of all secured and monitored assets.
* The piece was composed by
l..... Cerutti Mike .Osagie

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  1. Thank Amina Karatu for sharing your experiences, hopes, dreams and aspirations with us readers. A very interesting article.
    Modeling Expert


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