Newly appointed Lagos Police Public Relations officer DSP Joe OFFOR is not a man that is known to call a spade by a marine’s name, he remains one of the few officers in uniform that calls a spade a spade
In a recent interview with  us ,Offor began by praising American PRESIDENT Senator Barack Obama for   speaking well of Police in America and world at large
Says he: ‘We must learn and emulate the virtues f president Obama for talking well of police, such is not the case in Nigeria, our problem with police here is caused by elites, they love to run police down, they see nothing good in police so otters simply follow suit, if they see the massive hard and diligent work of Nigerian police and says so, the little ones will follow, but in situation where they see only ills what will the people do? ‘He said
He called on Nigerians t change their orientation of Nigerian police and emulates The Americans who see positive light in works of police
Speaking on the recently released wife of Sun deputy managing director who was kidnapped by hoodlums but now released, the PPRO aid  even though the wife,Oluwatoyin ha s been released, the LAGOS police is still on the matter, stressing that investigation is still going on
He said all through the time the lady was kidnapped, the family of the wife and Nigerian police where working hand in hand for her safe return, even till 2 A.M they Commissioner   Sir Fatai Owoseni was with them
PPRO Offor expressed dismay that in this age of GSM and digital technology, the Police are irked that there was no call made when the robbers spend hours in operation
‘’The average police has at least 2 GSM, our numbers are in open, so why not call police when the incident was been perpetrated by the robbers? ‘’he wondered
On the endless or recurring decimal of kidnappers,Offor said the case of robberies and such negative vice as kidnappers is not  new  in Nigeria, saying that all over the world criminal abound, but was quick to add that statistics has shown that the state f robbery in Lagos is drastically cut down to size
‘’ We the police are ready to do more to help our people, but we cannot do it alone, we need cooperation of our people to do our job effectively, if you love and respect police, police will do same to you, so please let our people appreciate police and always give them tips about any one they suspect, we are read t fight and put our lives to safe the people, it is no more business as usual for Nigeria police’s OFFOR stated in an exclusive audience with Chief Cerutti OSAGIE 


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