That Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomole’s Marriage to ‘Stunning Beauty’ & Nigerian’s knack for criticism


 Three  Young Edo/Delta Social/Political commentators, Mary Onybocha Agbajoh , Stella Oseghale & ''Czar of letters''Cerutti Mike Osagie  Backs Oshiomole 's Choice of  New Bride

‘’Marriage has many pains but celibacy has no pleasure’’- Lord Samuel Johnson

The recently staged marriage ceremony between Edo State Executive Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomole and   his strikingly stunning beauty of wife, Lara Oshiomole will no doubt go down in history as one of the most criticized   union between public figure and his new bride in the history of the Nigerian nation
Barely a week now that the first official photo and invitation card of the couple was first released, a recently conducted survey has proved that this wedding is of the most criticized love affair in recent times, and such attack are based on arm chair critics who believe the half cast lady must have married the Governor for nothing other than money, they are thrown stones from their proverbial glass house, without bothering to look at the other side of the coin
In a staunch defense three young Edo/Delta Social/Political commentators, Mary OnyIbocha, Stella Oseghale & Cerutti Mike Osagie   have come forward to back Governor Oshiomole over his Choice of New Bride
·         Says Agbajoh  fire brand SSA  Delta Governor Udughan and a  Jonathan apologist :  ‘ I am  shocked how Nigerians took the news of the Governor’s marriage, I think it s unfair, he is  a mature man and a fighter of freedom nature that knows what he wants, having lost his wife for sometime now, I think it is only normal to settle with a wife of his choice, it is good for our people to criticize, but it is more evil to go to an extreme height to insult in name of criticism’ was her  definitive stand
·          Still speaking in defense of The Governor, , young Esan in Edo women leader, business merchant and social cum political watcher, Princess Stellar Oseghale has this to say:’’King David found young wife at his old age, even MANDELA did, why not our Governor? yes true talk oshio has every right to remarry , I wish him the very best, I say big congratulate to my Gov Osho baba. carry go you are very much in order. he who find a WIFE find a good thing n obtain favor from God. Osho BABA na my man any day, anytime
·         On his part, best selling writer, Cerutti M.Osagie who is affectionately called ‘ African’s wordsmith’ and with five books to his credit, said he has refused to mark comment on his state Governor’s wedding to a  stunning beauty from Cape Verde so as to allow him consult few  authority on love matters and has this to say: ‘’All good heart mortals  should be irked over how some  ‘eye service’ Nigerians attacked Oshiomole in bad light, without looking at the other side of the coin
‘’But my simple message is from a quote I once got from Donald Trump which warned that enjoying someone’s company is a big step in the right direction for marriage, it is worst rout to happiness to contract a marriage among two people who don’t enjoy each others company, so using that as case study, we should encourage Oshiomole and pray for him and his new wife than criticizing him, he must love her company to have gone ahead to marry her, beyond her beauty’’ Osage opined


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