MEET PRINCE BIMBO OLASHORE: Most Modest Despite Olashore International's 21 years in Educational Businness

BY Cerutti M.Osagie who was in Iloko,Ilesha

The reaction of the landmark Olashore International school at 21 was amazing!
Prince Bimboh Olashore, Chairman, Board of Governors, is a lesson in humility, for despite the massive  achievement of his school, he was humble in his reaction to the record they have so far created

When Prolific Sunday people column visited him at his top star golf course hotel suit in Iloko, Ilesha, we were held in awe when he replied: ‘’ Yes we are 21 years in business  but I do not see it as big deal, we still have long way to go, I travel a lot to England, America and other advanced  nations, and am shocked to see schools  that were established in 18’s.... and so , they are still looking fresh and great, and I told myself that we at Olashore can celebrate when we are hitting 40  years or 50 AND so forth, we can also celebrate more and give glory more when the Little studentS we train today decide to return back to give back to Olashore, where they began life’’was his stand on Olashore at 21

In a related development, Nigeria's "pride of Africa" in secondary education, Olashore International has restated its commitment to retain Nigeria's strong culture and value system in its core structure, even as it strives to ensure Olashore scholars are adequately prepared for the competitive global market. Olashore International will also keep Nigeria's history on the radar, given the fact that most young Nigerians are not conversant with the country's history. 

This assurance was given by the Chairman, Board of Governors, Prince Bimbo Olashore at the conclusion of an international excursion program to France and a number of countries, by students of Olashore International School. He stated that, "the world has indeed become a global village and we must be active players in the world stage, not just spectators. But even as we also help our students become global citizens, we must also help them understand our history so they can better appreciate where they are coming from and where they should be going".

To help amplify personal development and experience, the Olashore School Europe Biennial trip was structured to connect the students to global culture, history and lingual-franca in the unique Olashore style. The trip was well rounded, engaging to 68 students and 5 members of staff, following a programme that revolved around history, Geography, Culture, Art, Music and language. The 7-days tour in France shed more light on the essence and benefit of OIS learning outside the classroom. 

 The Principal of Olashore international School, Mr Derek Smith, also pointed out that "Olashore education is much more than academic excellence. We apply the educational philosophy based on Kolb's learning cycle where experience followed by reflection leads to learning. Olashore's trips and excursions are based on this experiential approach to learning. The common thread is the focus on positive outcomes and social development. 


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