Kola Alapini,young Nigerian human rights Lawyer warns on Dangers of 'Ills of hate comment' on Nigeria's Nascent Democracy

Kola Alapinni (LLM in International Human Rights Law, Essex BL) a yung Nigeria astute lawyer and human rigt activist has spoken on dangers of leaders talking negatively about  fellow tribe son part of a country
SPEAKING LAST NIGHT TO world industry leaders Blog,Alapini stated that:  "The comments are highly inappropriate. The Oba must be reminded that he has only one vote. Just as everyone else. He can cast his votes anyway he likes, but he cannot intimidate other voters. It is criminal and triable as an electoral offense.
' His speech also borders on the criminal, I wouldn't be surprised if the International Criminal Court receives a communication as regards his speech. He would have a case to answer. His speech is no different to the type that ignited the Rwandan Genocide where Hutu leaders called for the killing of Tutsis by saying they should be 'stamped out like cockroaches'.


Kola Alapinni (LLM in International Human Rights Law, Essex BL)
Kola has a wide national and international education and working experience. He has attended the Universities of Jos, Ibadan (LLB 1999), Pretoria (South Africa), Essex (the oldest international human rights programme of its kind in the world), United Kingdom, the Nigerian Law School and McGill University Canada. His LLM dissertation was titled: Tracing the boundaries: Corporate Social Responsibility, Spheres of Influence and the case of the Niger-Delta area of Nigeria. He has worked in both the electronic and print media as a TV presenter and the Law Editor of a national newspaper. He is a veteran of many Joint Venture Oil prospecting crews in the Niger Delta where he was a managerial staff in the legal and community affairs departments. He has also worked in the UK for the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, National Express East Anglia and the biggest Law firm in the world Clifford Chance LLP. He caught his legal teeth as a trainee with George Etomi & Partners, Port Harcourt. He has also observed trials at the South African Constitutional Court and was a member of a field trip to the UN International Criminal Tribunal in Arusha, Tanzania and Kigali, Rwanda. He is a member of the Nigerian Bar and an Associate Member of the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists. He is a practising lawyer and Principal of the law firm Business & Human Rights Attorneys in Lagos, Nigeria.


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