Apostle Joseph Agboli's wife, Blessing hit the nail of strength of Charity

One of the most  outspoken women of God in the country, Pastor  Blessing Agboli, wife of Victorious Army General overseer, Apostle Joe Agboli is calling on Christians all over thtoe world to take a deeper look at their lives and and how God have blessed them in a bid to give more back into the lives of charity and less privileged

Speaking this morning, the flamboyant but most thorough speaker and philanthropist opined: " It is most pathetic, what many want to do today is take the mic and preach from the pulpit, or politicians wanting to lead

'' In truth we are tired of that, we have seen enough of that, what we want now is  people turning into charity and caretakers of  poor and the needy,  we must  retrace our steps to the good samaritan days and see how we can collevtively save the mammoth needy in our midst to enjoy blessings of  God'' she posited .
- By Young chief, Cerutti Osagie @ victoriouse Army. 18 Jan 2015


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