“It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.” Babe Ruth, once mused. 
This  our subject matter today is case study. From far off South Africa, he recently established an eye popping hotel in FESTAC town called Dublina hotels and suits, a breathtaking edifice with modern day torch
He is neither a Politician neither does he has any iota of ambition to play politics in the near future, yet his is known more for his nick name," Honorable".
His all time greatest admirer and benefactor, Chief MKO Abiola was a successful business tycoon; he died along the way to actualizing his political aspiration of trying to be Nigeria's President, so today Henry Mgbojikwe, also known as Ichaka,has learn from that lesson, he supports politicians with his money, but has vowed never to play politics.
Here is a man that belongs to the other category of Nigerian in South,the first category being the intellectual few, while the other are the super rich Nigerian business men, that even the South African Government has no option than to give honor to them, they came to South with nothing but today they drive the poshest of cars, live in glass houses and have managed to teach lazy South Africans the rudiment of business.
Honorable Ichaka for short is a case study when you talk about the  Successes in Cape town and how Nigerians are faring in business and lifestyles  beginning that saw him first staring off in South Africa many years as an antique seller to the white tourist and rich South African, Ichaka now live in grand style, has diversified to other areas of business and now expanding beyond South Africa, but now eying life across the Southern African Countries of Mozambique, Lesotho, Botswana and Swaziland,in one of his pictures with King Letsie  iii of Lesotho, he was playing tennis with the Young King.

Today, this young Nigeria who is 24 hours on the move now live in grand style. His home in the suburb area of Cape Town, called Table view which overlooks the Atlantic has portraits pictures of many African leaders and kings, even the y aught which his property company which he runs with few South Africa whites is elf imposing, inside is a tribute to mosaic walls depicting elephant and other African wide life beast.
When you talk of lifestyle of the rich and famous, here is a typical example of man that lives it to the fullest, Our chit chat held at the closest of the newly acquired y aught is a testimony to the rich and glamorous life some Nigerian now enjoy in South Africa.
He has been described as a man of three parts among several others, so naturally when he oblige us for a drink date alongside his business partners inside their newly acquired y aught, we went straight to the point of what brought the meeting together.
Originally from Idemili South OF Ananmbra State,Ichaka makes no fuse of it"I have been in business all my life, I was born in it,  I live in it and I will die in it, right from my teenage days, I have been traveling for my family to Lagos from the East in the name of Business,even at a teenager I  have embarked on several trips to Singapore and Japan, bringing in electronics for those who sell on retails, at a stage, people started calling me my a nickname of Singapore.
Ichaka says he has embarked on a visit to South Africa in 1997 and on first impression he fell in love with the modest place called Cape Town, I saw a place different from all the other places I have been to, from West Africa, to Asia;from Asia to Europe, I saw something breath taking in Cape Town where whites that come are crazily in love with African antiques and art works, so I went back to West Africa, Mali precisely and brought in more antiques to Cape Town, it was a instant hit.
Today,Ichaka has since diversified,asked of the three parts that now controls his life,the Nigerians who is one of the biggest Electronic dealers in South Africa says, no matter where he finds himself he will never live the electronics business for whatever reason.
"I am an electronics man through and through, all my life I have always dealt with it, I am glad to tell you that if you go to the tiny Southern African Countries you will see my presence there, I have come to be giving the nickname of Singapore,next week I will be opening my branch in Mozambique, I know the in and out of the trade, I have a closer and age old relationship with the Japanese and the Asians, I have been able to maintain an age old relationship of trust with them, I can go there today and tale goods worth millions of dollars without paying, they trust in me, because of my other trade name which is inter gritty, that's what my father thought us in business while growing up.
His comment are not empty whistle, next day he led us to his newly acquire electronic palace he recently acquired from a departing India, he has offered jobs opportunity to many hungry Nigerians, but was quick to warn that he enjoys dealing with Southern African than young Nigerians" Theses young Nigerian don't want to crawl before they walk;they don't want to walk before they fly, they are ever in a hurry, not knowing that Rome was not built in a day, I made my mark and paid my business dues in Nigeria, but I came here and started on the street selling antique before I found my electronic bearing all over, Our young boys must learn the art of patience in business.
Like trump like ichaka?
Not too long ago, Ichaka made a grand entry in the world of Property as part of his diversification plan." I am motivated by all I have read and seen Donald Trump did, he made his money and refused to stay in one brand of business, I think money is a tool that must be made to go round and round, I don't want to end my life in electronics, I want to be a player in dynamic world of property, that was what inspires me to be part of Oasis homes, one of South Africa's fastest growing properties label
Oasis Homes specializes in Cape Town Real Estate, but cover the whole of South Africa, they are said to be the front name for many Nigerians top Governmental officials littering the place with their choice brand of Properties, grapevine has it that Ichaka has in no small way brought in many Nigerians to acquire choice properties in the tourist City, what does  he to say about that?
"I work directly with Oasis, but by personal company is called Orion 9, I don't know what you mean by saying I work as front for Government officials buying homes here, I specialize in developing,  re selling and acquiring the choicest of [properties in South Africa, so If for example I have a childhood friend that is now a politician and wants to have a base to chill a a quite City like Cape Town and I showed him a place in my second home after Nigeria, does that make me a front man? I think we should watch our language very well as Nigerians and cease from using the so called yellow journalism language, can the same be said of Donald Trump that he front for American Senators who craves for hone by the Beach front in Miami ?

Stepping into the high street, Dublina Suites in the heart of Festac Town, strategically located on the 4th Avenue, by G Close, one will be forced to describe the place as an intense haven of luxury of a home away from home
The cozy ambiance, all marble setting, simplicity and class of the hotel is most welcoming that one cannot help but give kudos to the inventor of the set up, in person of Henry Mgbojikwe, also known as Ichaka
Ichaka, for starters, is not your run of the mills business tycoon. He is well traveled old hands in business in general and hotels, entertainment and tourism in particular.
In cape town, South Africa, where he is domiciled for close to  two decade, Ichaka is known as a dynamic and astute business man who got his life breakthrough selling properties and acting as middle man and agent to international  personalities who craves to invest in the beautiful mother city of Cape Town, once rated as the third most beautiful city in the world
From the world of properties, Ichaka fell hell over hills in love with the beauty of Cape town at night, and decided to register his presence in the aggressively competitive tourism world, where he first started by having a restaurant for African descents  and later in 2010 opened his first night club in Cape Town, called SEASONS
His love and passion for entertainment made him a regular caller to one of the continents biggest jazz hubs in Africa, Dublina on long stress, Cape Town, with his several white partners
His Dutch Boss, once advised him, ‘’Anytime you are stressed with life or in need of new vigor and new mindset, wait no further or seek no help anywhere, just talked a walk to a good place where live jazz is being played, there  you will find relieve’’
To his amazement, he tried it on one or two occasion and it was sheer magic. ‘’I can never forget that jazz home called Dublina, it was a massive relaxation haven, it was a place I love to go and relax and network, it eventually paid off for me, for when my other Nigerian brothers are eager to go to African hangouts, I always chose the white dominated  Dublina’’ Ichaka confessed.
Now several years after his historic first Cape Town, Dublina visit, Ichaka in looking for a name to call his first Nigerians hotel, looked no further, he chose the name where the whole story all began…..DUBLINA
‘’I want to give Nigerians’ the class, luxury and respect that the original Dublina represents’’ he posits, ‘’ I WANT to bring value to those who want to spend their hard earned money with dignity of purpose
It is such desire to bring international touch to Dublina, Nigeria that Ichaka, ever so conscious of taste decided to contract the world famous CIRIOS HOTELS, London top manage his hotel in Nigeria.
CIRIOS, stands for seriousness in their business, they do not compromise on excellence, they do not believe in mediocrity in their service, such is what I  want for our Country’s Dublina’’ the  business czar postulated
Speaking further, on his decision to return home to invest after near two decades in South Africa, the Dublina boss reveled that apart from the urge he has to invest in his Country, he also decided to set up a hotel business so as to be able to create employment for the several jobless Nigerians that  abound the Country. He however lamented on need for Nigeria government to improve the stare of light in the country, saying most hoteliers burn too much money on diesel to keep guest happy


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