*New product exclusively to ETISALAT, launched with fanfare
*CEO, Steve Evans assures: ‘’ we have prepared and now ready as   no war is won on bases of a single battle’’
*Director of product & Services, Lucas Dada Open: ‘’It’s not magic, or mere talks, it’s about but pure innovations’’
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A Classical innovation! That  one of the foremost service provider in Africa, ETISALAT have often love to treasure  herself as a brand with massive interest of her customers at heart, and nonstop variation and novelty,  was practically manifested, midweek at the launching of yet another of her latest product-MOBILE ASSIST
At a most flamboyant ceremony inside the Saturn Uranus hall of top range hotel, FOUR POINT BY SHERATON( Lekki 1,Lagos the new mobile assist(Exclusively to ETISALAT) was formally unveiled before the  celebrities, brand connoisseurs’ and select media executives.
AN event which was a mixture of formal and informal mix, was billed for 11 am, but the event’s organizers, QUADRANT COMPANY played a fast one when before the appointed time, they have arrived with 70% of the guest in special shuttle, this is another innovation worth commending because the African time syndrome has really destroyed business in the dark continent
Known for her innovations and customer friendly focus, the organizers have alerted the would be guest few days before the August event to tighten their seat belt to come and see another service, most rare in this part of the world
It was after the brief introduction of why everyone was gathered in the posh Sheraton hall, Saturn, that the days compere, most formal and straight to the point specially called on the equally corporate Chief Executive Officer of ETISALAT, Mr. Steve Evans to give his much expected opening remarks.

Mr. Evans had been led into the hall by a team of ETISALAT top guns like Mr. Andrew Kemp, Chief finance Officer, Abigail Tsokpar, CHRO, Lucas Dada, Director Business segment, Mr. Wale Rawa, Director Consumer segment and Bidemi Ladipo, Head Business Segment, all of whom occupied the front seat role
In his opening remarks, an ever grateful Evans was most generous with his choice of words when he thanked to high heaven all those who have over the years supported ETISALAT, especially the media in gaining a firm presence in Nigeria-which he tagged as one of the most dynamic country he has ever seen.
Elaborating on ETISALAT three point ages long strategic weapon, Evans divulged: ‘’ WE have always believed in our Customers sensitivity, quality and innovations, all these three we will never toy with ‘he assured
*ON ETISALAT CUSTOMERS: ‘’In modern day business, to deliver on a promise made is the fine act of making a brand and thus developing a culture as their world
‘’At ETISALAT, we have developed an effective culture, it’s a traditional culture that is likened to business and war, and as you will agree with me, no war is won on bases of a single battle, we have passed through many innovations and we can say loudly today that we are winning the market operation in Nigeria as the best customer friendly network
*ON QUALITY: ‘’ The market knows who is number one quality network, I personally know who is number one, I know, you the audience know because we have invested a lot on quality, and went beyond quality to top quality, we did not only significantly abided by the quality standard mark set by NCC, we went a step further by moving above average’’
*ON INNOVATIONS: ‘’If there is one word we can use to describe ETISALAT effort to bring smile to millions of Nigerians, that word is our knack for public innovations, we are continually innovation our service, and we have on several occasions surprise our followers when they least expected, one of such fresh surprise is our newly introduced MOBILE ASSIST, which in years to come will still be seeing as a classic assist from ETISALAT
HE ended his welcome address by insisting that what ETISALAT has today introduced is most rare in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa, there and then he called to the front stage, the debonair and sleek looking Lucas Dada, ETISALAT Director, Products and Service to tell the world what is the latest technology in town
Hitting the nail on the head, after another round of welcoming all and sundry, quickly postulated that for the first time ever in this part of the world, the newly introduced mobile assist is a most vital tool for ever business man of today that value time is essential tool to growth, it is simple, you are busy and cannot take call, the call is simply diverted to your PA or sectary
Mr. Dada argued that in today’s business world 24hrs is no more enough for busy executives. ‘’ With mobile assist, life cannot get more better or easier for you, if you are looking for service that will give you optimum efficiency in life, mobile assist is the ready answer ,for you can b e A meeting and a call comes, rather than distract the  meeting or waste that call, it simply goes straight to your assistant
ADVANTAGES: On the advantages of the new device, we can assure you al that the new ETISALAT mobile assist will ultimately help reduce high stress rate associate with nonstop incoming calls, apart from that it is most flexible and classic device that affords user with a lot of convenience, so if you want to be a smart business executive, you have no option that to convert to the newly introduced mobile assist
On his part, Mr. Bidemi Ladipo, head of Business segment of ETISALAT, also described the new product as first in Nigeria with a primary target aimed at the very busy top flight executive, who can benefit from the three different groups, i.e. LIVE ASSIST, TIMED ASSIST AND CONTROL ASSIST
To buttress their argument, there and then in the hall, officials and member of the audience saw a practical demonstration of how the device works- No DOUBT, this is no abracadabra-this is real classic 


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