Special Birthday Classic.....Perfume Merchant Omotayo Awa- Ibraheem Speaks Passionately On Endless Benefits of Using perfume.


"Memory is the perfume of the soul"-Georges Sand

• Her style has always set her apart and for  Omotayo Awa-Ibraheem whose historical landmark birthday is today, July 3rd 2034... her   journey into the perfume business can best be described as a serendipitous fusion of passion and opportunity.

 She has often insisted that that she didn't want to stray too far from the world of beauty, and perfume, being a luxury brand, naturally drew her in. 

It seems that everything fell into place, aligning with her vision and aspirations  of her entry into the perfume business and  it is evident that her love for beauty and luxury intersected with the allure of perfumery, leading her to embark on a path that would eventually see her making a mark in the industry.

Omotayo's story serves as a testament to the power of following one's passion and recognizing the opportunities that align with one's interests and expertise. Her journey likely involved a blend of creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and a deep understanding of the art of perfumery, ultimately propelling her into the world of luxury fragrances.

In a revert happy birthday message, she tells Richlist magazine some benefits of using perfume as a Lady insisting that using perfume  can offer a range of benefits, both personal and social:

*1. Enhanced Personal Appeal:* Wearing a pleasant fragrance can enhance a woman's personal appeal, leaving a lasting impression on those around her. The right perfume can complement an individual's natural scent and contribute to an overall sense of allure and confidence.

*2. Expression of Creativity and Individuality:* Perfume selection can be a creative and personal expression. Choosing a signature scent allows a woman to convey her unique personality and style, making a statement without saying a word.

*3. Positive Social Interactions:* A well-chosen perfume can lead to positive social interactions, as others may appreciate and compliment the fragrance. This can contribute to a woman's sense of confidence and well-being.

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*4. Sensory Pleasure:* Wearing a favorite perfume can provide sensory pleasure and contribute to a woman's overall sense of well-being. The right scent can evoke positive emotions and memories, enhancing mood and confidence.

*5. Gender-Neutral Nature of Fragrance:* Perfume is not limited by gender. Both men and women can enjoy and benefit from wearing fragrances that resonate with their personal preferences, regardless of traditional gender associations.

In summary, she advised that the use of perfume by women can offer a range of benefits, from personal expression and enhanced appeal to positive social interactions and sensory pleasure. It's important to note that individual preferences and reactions to fragrances can vary, so the choice of perfume should ultimately align with personal taste and comfort.

* A loud happy birthday to the perfume Queen Omotayo Awa-Ibraheem..

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