Religious Affair...." My Vision For God"- By Bishop Julia

My Divine Calling: A Testimony by Bishop (Prof) Julia Fortune

Throughout my journey, I have been blessed with various academic and honorary degrees, awards, and titles, including:

- Academic degrees in Education, Healthcare, Biblical Studies, and Theology

- Honorary degrees and awards for my contributions to society

- Titles such as Sister Julia, Prophetess Julia, Temple Guard, Pastor, Reverend, Rev. Doctor, Evangelist, Bishop, Educator, Chief (Yeye), Author, Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, Church Planter, General Overseer, Philanthropist, and Iconic Peace & Justice Ambassador

However, I recognize that my calling is not about the titles but about following God's will. My calling is unique and appointed for a specific time, and I am committed to pleasing God Almighty rather than men.

As a faithful servant of God, I am called to serve with love, dedication, and compassion, following in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ (Mark 10:45). My ministry, Julia Fortune Global Outreach Ministry, aims to:

- Spread the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ

- Provide funding and support to non-profit organizations

- Create jobs for the less privileged and make a significant impact in their lives and communities

God has called me "Carrier of His Glory" (Isaiah 60:1), and I am committed to being:

- Selfless, mindful of others, and showing concern to those I serve

- A vessel for God's glory, reflecting His light and love to all those I encounter

- A shepherd, standing up for those who are weak, giving a voice to the voiceless, welcoming the less privileged and strangers among us

I trust in God's provision and guidance to fulfill my calling, and I embrace my purpose with humility and dedication.

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