HOPE RISES FOR OLD & YOUNG WIDOWS.... As Felix King Foundation Sets To Touch Lives With #300.000 Business Grant


All is now set for the much anticipated 5 minutes per session Pitch by Felix King Foundation  to help widows with a start up scale grant up to #300.000

Billed for Monday March 18 2024, The Mike Cerutti Humanitarian world gathered that the token support business grant is meant only for widows

A position paper made available to us quoting the Organisers read.. " This  pitch from  felixking is strictly for vulnerable widows who desire a small business startup or scaleup. You can pitch as an individual or as a corporative"

This is no doubt another worthy initiative from the Felix King Foundation.

* Brief x-ray on the President Felix King Foundation


Dr. Felix King Eiremiokhae, is a prominent figure known for his entrepreneurial success and philanthropic endeavors, has led a remarkable philanthropic life dedicated to uplifting widows and vulnerable individuals in Nigeria. Born into a humble family in Afuda, Edo State, Nigeria, on March 17, 1970, Dr. King's philanthropic journey has been characterized by impactful initiatives and unwavering dedication to social causes.

*Entrepreneurial Success and Job Creation*

Dr. Felix King Eiremiokhae is the Founder and Managing Director/CEO of Oracle Experience Limited, a highly acclaimed Advertising and Marketing Agency that has not only achieved significant success in the industry but has also provided employment opportunities to over a thousand individuals, both Nigerians and expatriates, thereby contributing to nation-building and economic empowerment

*Philanthropic Initiatives for Widows and Vulnerable Women*

Driven by a deep sense of compassion and a commitment to social welfare, Dr. King established the Felix King Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting widows and female entrepreneurs through various initiatives. The foundation aims to empower widows and disadvantaged rural women through seed funding, training, and mentorship, with a goal to impact 36,000 women by 2029. Additionally, the foundation has launched the Felix King Market Moni initiative and The Startups Africa project, which are projected to be significant platforms for market support grants and support for female entrepreneurs in tech start-ups and small businesses in Africa 

*Recognition and Honors for Humanitarian Contributions*

Dr. Felix King Eiremiokhae's impactful humanitarian contributions have garnered recognition and honors both locally and internationally. Notably, he was bestowed with an Honorary Citizen and Humanitarian Award by the State of Georgia for his valuable contributions on behalf of those in need. His involvement in humanitarian activities, particularly in providing succor to poor and vulnerable widows across Nigeria, has been commended and celebrated 

*Charitable Foundations and Relief Efforts*

The Felix King Charity Foundation, founded and completely subsidized by Dr. Felix King Eiremiokhae and his wife, Aderonke Eiremiokhae, has been instrumental in providing empowerment funds and relief efforts for widows and poor women in rural communities. Notably, the foundation earmarked a relief fund of N25 million to support widows and poor women in selected rural communities in Edo and Lagos States, demonstrating a commitment to alleviating the hardships faced by vulnerable individuals, especially during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Felix King Eiremiokhae's philanthropic journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to improving the lives of widows and vulnerable individuals, and his impactful initiatives continue to make a significant difference in the communities he serves.

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