Personal Opinion ....The Chief Pst Femi Adeshina I know- By Mike Cerutti Osagie


" Hate is A Prolonged Form of Suicide" Sir Douglas V. Steere 

On the 16th of January is not  his birthday but  16th January 2024 will no doubt be one of the best and greatest day in the life and career of Chief Pst Femi Adeshina OON - the highly revered Nigerian journalist who served as the Special Adviser, Media and Publicity to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari GCON

I have been very fortunate to have enjoyed a long positive progress relationship with Chief Adeshina

He is not my mate  - age Wise or career wise but we have a strong brotherly bond or mentor/ mentee relationship.

As he is set to present his massive book today, on instinct I felt a piece on him will be most appropriate today.

On this day..he will be hosting many Eminent personalities in the nation’s capital for the launching a Great book by his former Special Adviser on Media 

 Buhari, who had not come to the seat of power since he handed over to his successor on May 29, 2023, would be accompanied to the event by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu who serves as the special guest of honour.

Also expected at the event are former Head of State and chairman of the occasion, Yakubu Gowon, while the co-Chairman would be another retired army General, I.B.M Haruna, among other dignitaries.

A royal delegation from Saudi Arabia, led by Prince Abdulaziz Bin Faisal Al Saud, has also confirmed attendance, while businessman, Mohammed Indimi, would be the Chief launcher of the book that saw no fewer than 100 authors contributing to the book including the critics of his former Principal.

The  book would provide insights to why Buhari took certain decisions when he held sway as against the conjectures that were circulated in various quarters.

Chief Adeshina had personally invited me specially, but in view of a slight health challenge I will be missing in action

* True Friendship

I first met Chief Adeshina formally when he was the editor of the Sun newspaper.

After my full time job Experience in Thisday newspaper & Ovation I never wanted to be a full time newspaper man again.

I approached Adeshina to be my mentor and he laughed telling me he had read of my works and relationship with the late PR and media baron Obarisi Dr Clarkson De Majomi of which he commended me,

I have since enjoyed a brotherly relationship with him.

In one of my several reports on him; I once tagged him and my big brother Dr Phil Osagie as two of the best PR men in Town who are never too busy to ignore your calls or reply your mails or SMS.

This is absolutely true...while many went to seat of power and became power drunk, no so for Adeshina who till today takes time to reply all his emails, sms and the rest.

He reminds me of true friendship which  a cornerstone of human existence, a source of joy, support, and companionship. 

In this journey of life, the friends we choose to keep can significantly impact our well-being and personal growth. Loyal friends can be a treasure, offering unwavering support and understanding, while those who consistently disappoint us may become a burden.

To me, personally, Chief Adeshina is a loyal friend who can stand by you through thick and thin, offering unwavering support and companionship.

Like the late  great American First lady Jacky Kennedy Onassis once said " Loyal friends are dependable and trustworthy. You can confide in them without fear of judgment or betrayal. Trust is the bedrock of any strong friendship, and loyal friends uphold this trust"

Adeshina... for the record and benefits of history must be tagged as absolute loyal soul

I recall like yesterday when I informed him of my mother's death

He apologized that he will be out of the Country on that date on national duty.

But true to his element, he sent a representative and a " Robust " goodwill message to me

When my second book on the American billionaire' tycoon and politician Donald Trump was published, Adeshina invited me for the first time to the imposing Aso Villa where he supported our literary efforts by  picking two copies for himself and his boss.

~ So on this great historical landmark achievement day of his book presentation on his beloved principal I wish the Chief whom the Igbos so much loved and bestowed with a huge Igwe title ( nothing but the very best in all fronts

Thanks again for being a loyal friend to me 

© Osagie - A humanitarian and publisher of the International magazine brand called RichList Magazine.

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