LEADERSHIP TODAY..... Astute Property Tycoon & Golf Fancier, M.I Okoro Speaks To Future Leaders on Importance of Prompt Decision Making


• Only last week, the Cerutti Media subsidiary platform World Industry Leaders international magazine began a long series Report on consumate property development expert, business man , golf and philantropist High chief M I Okoro

In that report used online ( please visit: https://www.facebook.com/100029216858313/posts/1156817805302104/?mibextid=ZJZnRZ3J6AsJ4wuB ) 

We reported that contrary  to popular belief, the best leaders are not born with natural leadership skills. The strengths of a leader often develop as a result of hard work and a focused effort to hone those qualities. Good leaders become better when they seek opportunities to test their leadership skills, solicit feedback, and adapt as needed.

If you want to learn to become an effective leader, you need to be aware of the most critical leadership skills and take the steps necessary to cultivate those qualities within you.

What Makes a Good Leader? 

This is the big question we tabled b

efore the Virtuoso business man and golf fancier high chief M.I Okoro

His critical advice in his second quality the future leaders must imbibe about leadership is Decision Making

Here him out...

" I thank you & your media platform in seeking leadership qualities for future champions..I will offer the little I know of

#2 : Decision-Making..

Decision-making is a critical component of leadership, and the best leaders can swiftly make clear and fair decisions. The fact of the matter is when you are in a leadership position, your team is relying on you. You are the person that they look to for guidance. As a result, they expect you to be able to make a decision that will benefit the team and allow the group to accomplish its goals in the shortest amount of time.

Leaders who have honed other leadership qualities, such as integrity, trust, and courage, are generally better decision-makers and feel more confident as they make choices for their organization.

So for aspiring leaders... Learn now to be decisive in life. A person who is always confused about what to do or where to go ..one who is ever indisicive is one lacking virtues of a TRUE leader"


~ Watch out for Chief Okoros other tips on leadership

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