Africa's Young Entrepreneurs Watch....Meet Obele Chidinma , the force Behind MamachiFufu Africa

• Often and on, we are reminded that the enchanting city of Rome was not built overnight
Such can be said of the now growing fast food restaurants business in Nigeria; once laid back - big names like Sweet sensation, Tastee fried chicken, Tantalizer and now Chicken Republic have in no small way helped revolutionized the business and today many youths are picking up careers in that line. One of such is Princess Obele Chidinma Blessing,  of the popular MamachiFufu the home of ready-to-eat fufu that promises both convenience and authenticity. 
 MamachiFufu  mission is to bring the cherished flavors of traditional fufu to your table without the hassle of preparation. We recently caught up with her for the young Entrepreneur chat on weekend, excerpt

1) What inspired her:
Mamachifufu was inspired to start her cooking business by a passion for creating delicious and authentic Africa Meals, driven by a desire to share her culinary talents with others.

2) When did the journey began?

We embarked on this cooking venture in 2013 facing challenges in raising initial capital, which we navigated through determination and resourcefulness. 

3) Why love for cooking?

Though my mum is the founder of Mamachifood but I chose the cooking business over a traditional career path due to the fact that it is one of businesses that bring daily money to help sort out bills and responsibilities and also my love for the culinary arts, seeing it as an opportunity to earn from while waiting for a job

4) Business Goal?

The primary goal of selling food at a low price for Mamachifufu is to have access to a wider audience, emphasizing affordability without compromising quality.
I pray to one day opeh a bigger Place like e
 Chicken republic which I love  because of their uncompromised quality food.

* Well...With just as little as N500, you can get a pack of Mamachifufu (Ready-to-eat)
* For Your parties bookings, you  can reach them  at +244 8144906869

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