Humanitarian Deeds....Prophetess (Dr) Teleola Ladipo Oganla (JP) B.E.M Gives Huge Glory To God For Helping A Disadvantage Student Graduate With 1st Class Honors at IGBINEDION University

Much has  no doubt been said of the Robust charitable contributions and humanitarian endeavors of the woman called Rev. Prophetess (Dr)Teleola Ladipo Oganla (JP) B.E.M 

She is presently the  Resident Pastor  in charge of Messiah C&S Church, London and  the Founder of Teleola Martha Christian Organisation (TMCO), a charity that care for the underprivileged, widows, Orphans, vulnerable children and adults living in the United Kingdom and Africa that was founded 8 years ago. 

Only last week she was in the news again Based on her latest charity works

An excited Dr Oganla was full of gratitude to God for using to impact a young mans life again

In her words

" I  am very happy to announce that one of our Student . Who is under our Teleola Martha Christian Organisation graduated today with 1st Class Honors at IGBINEDION University Private University at Okada ..

This man would have been a wasted talent if not for the quick intervention of our TMCO charity..

After sitting for Jamb and scoring beyond cut-off marks at 4 different times. He got frustrated and was going to depression as his parent were too poor to sponsor his education. It was most sadden to know that he got admission into Ilorin University but could not attend because he and his family could not raise #25,000 acceptance fees…

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To God be the Glory that our charity was able to give him a 100% Scholarship including his monthly maintenance allowance for the whole Four years of his studies 

*First Graduate

Asked how she felt about the good News, prophetess Oganla opined to Cerutti Humanitarian world magazine that 

"We take immense joy in commemorating the first graduate of the TMCO  Education Program. Not only has he successfully completed his studies at the Igbinedion University , but he has also achieved first-class honors, bringing pride not only to himself but also to our charity and organization.

" This child, who initially arrived without a clear plan for the future, has now laid a strong foundation for success. With God's guidance, we believe that everything else is attainable.

"This program underscores the presence of brilliant and exceptional children who require assistance and support from both you and me.

"We thank all the sponsors of TMCO worldwide, the founder Prophetess Teleola Ladipo Oganla - BEM Medalist for taking this mantle and running with it

* On external aid's

She was most emphatic

in a soft appeal

Here her 

" It is pertinent to note here that we still have Two more Candidate Under Educational Scholarship in the Same school.. 

we need more Billionaires & corporate Bodies with good heart of Charity giving to come to our aid..

We have 20 pupil in different Private Secondary schools in Maba OGUN state, Please spread this news and God bless us all"

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