Enter The Premium Prolific Profile of The American Nigerian Brand called Jude Away Away

 By Mike Cerutti

We were told in the Holy Bible that we must not Despice the days of little beginings 

Such can be said of our subject matter today with the acronym Jude Away Away

From one time protege of late showbiz impresario John Chukwu , Jude Away Away is now living Large on his dream in the United States of America

The Cerutti RichList Magazine Today presents you his premium Prolific Profile

•Jude Onakpoma (Ph.D). Is a Clinical Psychologist working with Behavioral health population. CEO of StoneFence Security (a watch guard and armed security services). The National President of United African Community of NY, N & CT.;  Chairman of the African Artist Association USA. responsible for the promotion and tours for African Artist in North America. Self made millionaire, currently residing in his country home mansion in Connecticut, that has hosted notable African artist likes of Awilo, Style-plus, Sunny Nneji, Sammie Okpsio, Delta State Governors and Legislators, American actors the likes of Michael Blackson, Ice Cube, Danny Glover, Evander Holyfield etc. 

Photos of Dr Jude Away Away's car's, luxury home & choice brandy√

* His passion: Stand up comedy. Still performing around the world with his unique style of comedy. Dr Jude is the pioneer of modern stand up comedy in Nigeria. Late John Chukwu passed on the torch to Jude awayaway. He single handedly gave stand up comedy in Nigeria a recognition when he performed at the maiden edition of  PMAN awards 1988. He attained full academic scholarship to the US for his graduate and post graduate education. 

Married with 4 wonderful children who are achievers in their own rights in the field of music, sports and academics. 

Jude’s slogans:

1) Oshekure

2) Happiness is Free

3) See Groooove 

4) One life to Live

5) Ona-kekwakwa. 

Always happy, always smiling And inspiring....

* More on Dr Jude Away Away later√

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