SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ...New Cerutti Media Book on New Beginnings out


*MM2 Major Book Store B.I.F To Market Cerutti Media Group New Book on Strategies for New Beginning

"Bookshops are places of magical discoveries and the rediscovery of past pleasures, love it and love your future "- Gracia Mandela ( Ex South Africa First lady)

#MM2 unarguably regarded as one of Africa's most sophisticated and breezy domestic tarminal is the First point of call to get the Mike Cerutti new book published by the Cerutti Media Group

Announcing the new development last night, Alhaji Gbadamosi CEO of the B.I.F bookstores in the imposing MM2  confirmed that Their store will now sell the mini success book to discerning travellers coming and going out of Lagos

" We are known for our tireless sales of good books and international magazines and we are delighted to be the sales point for the Mike Cerutti Osagie's book starting with " The strategies of New Beginnings , a book you can enjoy on the go 

On his part, speaking shortly after signing the agreement deal, author , Chief Mike Cerutti thanked the B.I.F brand saying it is big honour to be associated with them

" I have always admired B.I.F bookstores; anytime I am travelling via MM2, or welcoming/ escorting friends I often stop to pick my books here, I am grateful that the store will now be marketing all our future books starting with the strategies for the new beginnings, a book made From extract of a big stage conference event we organized and had PR strategist Dr Phil Osagie as guest speaker,(http://www.worldindustryleaders.com/2023/05/at-historical-debut-of-cerutti-books.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR0ES7ov3RT61UiZP7DcOPrYp2Sh0-x1l3mdUA__Ou-bSdUl7HZDLVZTZ7A)

 the book is simple read of only 60 pages but loaded to the hilt " Osagie stated on the new collaboration.

>Contact for any inquiries..

E: chiefcerrutti@gmail.com

Tel: +234 7042631895


" One single insight from a good book can years of stagnation"- Dr David Oyedepo


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