Wave Making King Model Isong Speaks Candidly On His life As Super Model Hunter , Style Merchant & Entrepreneur

• He is passionate about his calling. He loves to spot young beautiful or talented models and grooms them to international standard and often time takes them abroad - as he has done for many 

In this rare classic interview,he opines up to World Industry Leaders on what drives him on

Q:Please tell us about your life

 My name is King Daniel Isong, known as nickname Kingmodel, have been working as Model, same time Coaching also running modeling agencies, includes writing stories and have produced movies, also act too. I have the ambition from childhood. I studied in difference institutions, attended  Veronica Children School, Saints Luke Grammar School in Lagos. Jimmy International London School. Graduated in higher institution Lourdes University Sylvania Ohio U.S College of Business and Leadership. Before proceeding in Modelling Career with Tutors. Fashion modelling skills is what I determine and learnt aggressive with passion. 

Q.When did you launched your agency?

 I launched my Agency in 2008, December 13th, in Sizzlers Auditorium, at Adeola Odeku, that was my beginning, after achievement of learning from many individuals on fashion modelling and entertainment, still date.

 Q. Tell us about your media exposure and records smashed

I have achieved wide exposure, on social media and publicity, on Tv promos with Silverbird Tv, Nation wide Newspapers, AWARDS from Magazines Companies, contract jobs myself and my models in my Agency DREAMS MODELS, also I broken records of training and grooming over 250 upcoming, some ever since are based abroad, from grass to grace.Most of my models have won Awards and Rankings from Competition with many shows. 

Q. How was the corporate presence in your last event?

  Yes, Corporate bodies turned up e.g. Silverbird Tv,  Shakara Square Tv Etc. And I can tell you .. Corporate bodies can gain  more highway to expand their business in our industry with great magnificent opportunity to grow their products, if they come to show financial consideration.

Q: Did the last government of support to the fashion business?

Buhari government, did not  finance my projects,or the industry..it  is people from nowhere that came to me, I want government to show concerned, my Dreams Models is registered by Corporate Affairs Commission. 8. To our New President Asawaju Tinubu, to considered entertainment industry and support us financial to grace more current creation to embarked salvation and self employment to reduced  rate of people with low ratio jobs and reduced criminals in the country, when industry are going global, more people come inside to gain fame and opportunities to contracts. 

Q: How is lack of sponsorship affecting your business?

 When there is no adequate fund, definitely it will affect us we need outside support

Q : What's your advice to Nigeria youths?

 My advice to youth of Nigeria and world, I started struggling early, without waiting, if you have a passion of being a Legend, you not too small, keep doing, one day you will succeed with your dreams and talents thank you"

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