Special Tribute......The Raymond Dokpesi I know" - by Ogee Onazi


"Hard  work doesn’t kill , you will receive the benefits later" ~ High Chief Raymond Dokpesi ( RIP)

Loads of tributes, accolades and essays have been written on the recently passed on Chief Raymond Anthony Aleogho Dokpesi the top  Nigerian born  media Mogul and Humanitarian from Agenebode, Edo state Nigerias

 He had stormed the   the Nigerian mass media industry with his company DAAR Communications and set-up the Nigerian TV network Africa Independent Television. 

In Truth,It is indeed very difficult to capture all about the man Dokpesi in a paragraph . 

Only recently, World Industry Leaders Magazine international caught up for an exclusive chat with one of His goddaughter in person of Lady Ogee  Onazi who described High chief Dokpesi as a man who  meant so many things to so many people . 

In her words.."He was a deligent ,compassionate , loyal friend whose first and last goal was to ensure that there was no injustice and all had a fair and level playing ground . He was generous to a fault and very religious . he was a father , and Leader not Boss in any way …He lead the team at the front and was also at the back to encourage those lagging behind …His presence loomed over all . Dokpesi did not have Impossible or No in his dictionary ..there will always be a way …may take time to get it right but never give up kind of spirit. He could see potentials in individuals before the person knew he/she had it , so he would push and encourage you till you made it through . A detribalized man through and through  On the home front he was a great family man, ensuring each of his children had equal opportunity to education and to explore their talents"


" I was a pioneer staff of Kano FM , and later left to Jos to start the PRTVC Fm arm 90.5fm . When Dokpesi was starting Raypower in Lagos in 1993 he asked around and my name kept popping up so he desptched a team to get me in Kano but I had relocated so they came after me in Jos …..I left 90.5 Jos to join the pioneer team in October 1993. 



"Since I joined DAAR on Raypower platform he has always believed in me ..he would say they always asked him …where did you get this hausa girl from , she cant cope here o, so go and show them “ and we would laugh because I went and showed them . He gave me the platform to grow and became what I am today …a household name in broadcasting and presently a Director of Northern Operations. I lost my biological father in 2001 but Dokpesi has been a father since I joined DAAR in 1993  .My Guardian and Mentor he further drew out my Never say Die Spirit . He fought my battles, stood by and for me through the good, bad and ugly timesI have never met a loyal friend, caring and loving . He hated seeing any one in pain or suffering  


"He made Imbibe alot of things...like To Be Diligent, Dedicated and Focused on any task given you . There is nothing you cannot become if you put your mind to it. He reinforced my honesty and integrity value because he never believed you need to cut corners to get where you need to be. Some of his regular sayingss are …. Hard work doesn’t kill , you will receive the benefit later. Work hard and play hard, life is for the living Who knows tomorrow, so do your best today….Today he is no more and all I can say is Raymond Dokpesi …To the World you were one person , but to one person ( Me ) you were the World …Rest in Peace 


"Both young and old can learn a lot from Dokpesi . He was fair in his dealings. His yes is YES and one great attribute he had was HUMILITY …

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 He was so humble and respectful despite all his qualifications and achievements.He worked for all he got not get rich quick syndrome that the youths have nowHe was Disciplined and Focused. Another thing he was a ferocious reader, he was endowed with great retention and knowledge because of his exposure to books... He was indeed an enigma " was her closing remarks

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