NEW EPIC ....Sex for marks, set for stage.


All is now set for the massive production of the JODESSY FILMS PRODUCTION much anticipated  outstanding Movie called SEX FOR MARKS.

To be armed with Grade A listed brands , the hit movie will have as  Executive Producer: Jude Richard, Director: Teco Benson while the producer: Eno Udo- the Africa's fast rising act 

World industry Leaders Magazine learnt that  The Audition will be taking place on the 24th of June 2023 by 10AM in an unnamed venue with top Stars set to be on board

And speaking to us last night on the ills of the rampant sex for marks all over the Country of late, Producer Princess Edo Udo stated

" This new movie is not a small act ,it is timely and educative because  the problem really is not just the lecturers but also from the students. 

" You can't believe that some students actually perform really poorly in school due to the kind of lifestyle they live. Some attended parties not less than 3 times in a week regardless of the tests or exams coming up.

 At the end of the day, they won't have enough time to prepare for her academic improvement in their tests and examinations and ends up failing. , some of these ladies actuality comes from home that their parent are strict with education, but due to imfluemce, they fall prey and so they end up offering their bodies as burnt offering for multiplication to their lecturers.... 

"This our  new movie is pragmatic and life touching,a lot will be seen in the work " Princess Edo Udo assured.
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