Late Ma Patience Titi Osagie Celebrates First Birthday In Heaven


She was born on June 20th 1936 and died on the Graceful day of 8th April 2023

So yesterday ought to be her birthday on Earth but she left before then to a much better place...for as the great mother Theresa stated

"People ask me about death and whether I look forward to it and I answer, 'Of course', because I am going home. Dying is not the end, it is just the beginning. Death is a continuation of life"

So for chief Mrs Patience Titi Osagie ( the Eagle of Esan ) we wish you happy birthday in the great  beyond

Yes ...

That first birthday Mom celebrates in Heaven is her most glorious one, yet the hardest for the children and her global admirers who survived her.

“Happy birthday, Mama . We  didn’t know how we  would feel today, and to be honest, we know you are  in a peaceful place

 Wish you were here, but we also wish you the most beautiful and joyous birthday today in the presence of the Lord.

“There’s so much going on in the world, Mama, and so much we want to hear you tell us. But  today, is your special day, we simply want to wish you a happy birthday in Heaven.”

~ A token happy birthday in heaven message from your  Pen Man Chief Mike 

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