At The Historical Debut of Cerutti Books & Media Big Stage conference....Dr Phil Osagie Speaks Deep on 7 Marks of Greatness

• History was made last  Tuesday 16th of May 2023 when the Cerutti Media & Books Company Inc.( Big stage conference unit) formally Presented their exclusive event tagged : BEHIND THE VEIL  ( Talking Deep With Role Models) which  had as Special Guest: Dr Phil Osagie , global strategists of JSP communications , emerging markets player & Nigeria's PR icon

It was a day that saw many  future leaders and eminent personalities/ guests talking  deep with their mentor Dr Phil -!who also  used the opportunity to deliver a very strong paper and was on hand to answer many questions and offer one or two success tips for the future

It was no doubt a life changing session put together by the Cerutti Media & Books Company to impact the future leaders and eminent guest in attendance

Indeed... " Only one single insight from a successful brand can end all your life of STAGNATION" 

After the event, a special award plaque of Excellence was presented to the guest speaker Dr Phil by the organisers of the event- carried out by Ambassador Kema Emina the publisher of Politics Now magazine

* Dr Phil Osagie's paper: What are the 7 marks of greatness?

The fndamentals of greatness are universal wherever you go   Here’s a general list of attributes or qualities that are often associated with greatness or success:

1: Vision: Great individuals often possess a clear and compelling vision of what they want to achieve or create. They have a long-term perspective and can inspire others to work towards a common goal.

2: Passion: Greatness often stems from a deep passion and enthusiasm for their chosen field or area of interest. This passion fuels their dedication, perseverance, and willingness to go the extra mile.

3:Persistence: Great individuals demonstrate persistence in the face of challenges and setbacks. They have the resilience to keep going, learn from failures, and adapt their approach as needed.

4: Excellence: Greatness is often associated with a commitment to excellence. Individuals strive for the highest standards of quality in their work, constantly seeking improvement and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. It involves consistently pushing oneself to reach the highest standards Great individuals tend to possess a relentless dedication to their craft or area of expertise, continually seeking improvement and honing their skills.

5: Inegrity: Great individuals exhibit integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior. They have a strong moral compass and are guided by principles that prioritize fairness, justice, and the greater good.

6: Leadership: Greatness often involves the ability to lead and inspire others. Individuals with this mark possess strong leadership skills, including the ability to communicate effectively, delegate tasks, and motivate a team towards shared goals.

7: Impact:Ultimately, greatness is often measured by the impact an individual has on their field, society, or the world at large. Great individuals create meaningful and lasting contributions that leave a positive legacy.

It's important to note that these attributes are not definitive or exhaustive, and different people may have different interpretations of what constitutes greatness.


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