Pomp & Pageantry Witnessed As Friends / Business Associates Remembers Ma Emenyonu In New Jersey USA

The historic city of New Jersey USA came alive in Grand style last weekend when the much anticipated  wake keep of late Madam Felcia Uloaku Emenyonu ,Mother of top Nigerian born  US based fashion designer Dhabri -khenchy was gracefully remembered in a special wake keep ceremony

The star studed ceremony  saw dignitaries from all walks of life and accross the states in attendance to celebrate and give thanks for the  longitivity of Ma Emenyonu who passed away at the centenary age of 102

Speaking to us shortly after the event, Dhabri-khenchy , one of the children of the late matriarch was most emphatic of the well attended event

" What a moment to behold in New Jersey for

my mom died ceremoniously and was  celeberated ceremoniously.

" We are most grateful for the event and how   many people from far and near came under one roof to pay their last respect and say a huge final  good bye to her , some opted to stop by  Nigeria where her remains wll be buried.

" In Truth ..my Mum   lived a good life and touched many lives , she was exceptionally creative,elegant stylish and compassionate to the core.

" From her creativity I took up this clothing prowess and many  people that came to honour her are topnotch celebrities  , fashion  media personalities and family Oriented successful individuals who knows my family history and its Substance.

" To say the least,  I am  not surprised the event turned out colorful. All my valued customers, partners , colleageaus and fashion managers models are fully represented,  I enjoyed the extension of new bonds established in the course of supporters and fans who ensured they showed up to witness this colorful ceremony .

" In due course we will flaggoff our fashion Shows after the funeral . I thank those who despite their busy schedules and situations Supported me in one way or the other especially my Club members and the FOURSQUARE church Irvington NJ

I also wish to appreciate my elder brother for standing tall and his blessings to support my  community especially giving the opportunity to grow wise.my media team , the owerri community assembly , the Elizabeth boys, the Imo state University Alumni, well represented, the clerics, celebrities,the clubs igbo unique representation prowess in US was evident in my mom's last weekend wake as they exhibit ODINALA to the core wth their usual dramatic shows. I almost fainted when They lifted me in an usually  excitement galore they are  known for all over the world on the course of celebrating the dead especially A very important soul, not to also forget the title holders who unanimously gather to celebrate wth the Emenyonus. 

"I pray God to bless them   all especially for the huge sacrifice each and every one contributed towards the success of this historical landmark gathering of  event "

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