Fast Rising Female Entrepreneur, Ambassador Huda Speaks on Significance of International Women's Day .... Wants women to celebrate their virtues


International Women's Day, observed every year on March 8, is one of the most significant days of the year for honouring women's accomplishments, promoting gender equality and  advocating for faster gender parity

Earlier today, we encountered a young woman by  name Ambassador Huda Bassam - a  networker , entrepreneur and charity worker , who spoke About her career and significant of the women special day

Q: We heard you are  strong in networking, tell us about your networking and it's benefits?

Ans:  there is a lot of benefits in networking and it has to do with people you connect, the higher your financial gain for as long as the product is effective, you enjoy good health with it.


Q: You are firm player in the Beauty world business, what does looking good means to the average woman 

Ans: It is beyond words.. looking good must be a way of life to all women

For me, I love looking good as well as presenting my product in a beautiful atmosphere.

Q: As an entrepreneur, we learnt you are deep in the   catering business  and event service, tell us about it? 

Ans: I do good cooking hence I'm always on demand to prepare and serve good meals. We have been in that sector for close to a decade,if First bean as hobby but now full blown

Q: If you are  not working, what are your hobbies?


Ans: At my leisure time, I get involved on many charity and humanitarian projects, helping others especially youths be the best in life gives me great joy

Q:It is international women's day,what is your take on it

And,: it is special day .. aside the is a day Used in advance nations to  raising money for charities that support women.Also, International Women's Day is a day of celebration .. and I want to advise women to learn to celebrate their virtues of hard work, tolerance and responsibilities both at home and at their work place..happy international women's day to us all" Lady Ambassador Huda Posited


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