Special Tribute: Bose Adegeye : The King's wife @ 55 Speaks Passionately of her Beautiful Life of no Regrets

How wonderful it is to be turning 55!
Today’s a joyous day to say, “It’s grand to be alive!”
Be grateful for the blessings showered on you on this day.
We’ll raise a glass and toast your health. Hooray! Hip hip hooray

It is often said that in life ,where there is no guts, there will never be Glory and for Princess Mrs Bose Olubo,  Adegeye who is celebrating her historical landmark 55th birthday  today , her life of being a singer, Actor , producers and now a  Naturopathic Doctor can be described as nothing but fulfilling

The World Industry Leaders Magazine caught up with the talented woman who no doubt  belongs to the generation of artistes who grew up to know she has the in-born talent in her. 

She has been an artiste from her childhood day, always leading the cultural and drama group in her primary school days.

In the pursuit of her academic career, Bose Olubo Adegeye, a graduate of Computer Science from Yaba college of  Technology.

She worked for almost two years, during her working experience, she discover she was not fulfilled and something called job satisfaction was not for her.

A situation that made her completely restless until she took the bull by horn in 1990.  The desire to put the artistry and musical talent in her  took into the entertainment industry that year and ever since, there is certainly no looking back.

Bose is a complete entertainer who sing, Acts ,Dance and composes has contributed her quota to the rising industry.

Bose Olubo known as" OMO OKO" when she made her entrance into the movie industry with her first film OMO OKO(the village girl) in 1994 with others like MOPELOLA, OMO ANIFOWOSE, OWO ALHAJA, OROGUN OMO, MABAYOMIJE, etc. With her second album tittle"BECAUSE OF YOU" no doubt.

Bose impact in Nigeria music industry span's  through all the segment of the show business, that is why the birth of AMAZON BEE COMMUNICATIONS arrives, the home of film and music production which can boast of latest high -Tech gadgets has come into being. 

She is the producer/presenter, Bose Olubo show on Tv home and abroad, also IYA ALATE on Radio. 

She is the image behind Iya Alate, a 83 year old woman, adopted for TV

She is the MD, Amazon Nature, a company producing bath Soaps, Dish and Car soaps

In our brief encounter with the birthday lady, she aired her heart on few topical issues


"It is an undescribable love , because for the love I have for  wellness and good health, I went ton study Pharmarcognocy at the University of Lagos and presently running my  masters degree program overseas and I am also an   MD, Amazon Nature Clinic.


" It has been a long glorifying Ride to Glory of God because as a media consultant, I have  worked with many icons in Nigeria through different works of life in entertainment, Business, politics and chieftaincy / cultural display to mention but a few 


" My musical influences are Bob Marley, Mariam Makeba, king Sunny Ade, Sikiru Ayinde ,Barrister, Lucky Dube, Brenda  and few others...I love them all and they still influences me till date


* looking back, I feel great happiness for what God has made me to do in my 20s and 30s

Family is another, looking and my husband and children now gives me great job

Equally to diverse to medicine made me and people around me, proud

" And  Yes I found grace of God in my work because, even when I am doing so little in the entertainment world right now, I feel fulfilled and happy because I remain an artiste for now and can produce music and movie anytime I so wish

And in Naturopathy, I went back to school and came our best student

Now I am a proud ND of a naturopathic clinic

Isn't God wonderful

" I feel fulfilled and no regrets, only room for improvement " she divulged

A  volunteer to many good causes, both home and overseas,  politics, health, orphanages and children, Etc.

Bose loves God, Children, Culture, Tradition and free flow of traffic.

She is presently the Lagos State Welfare Officer for Lastma Mayor and happily  married to King Sunny Ade and blessed with children 

She calls on our Youths to imbibe in them the virtues of hard work, dedication, loyalty , self discipline and prayer to God,  which she described  as basic  essentials to be viewed seriously in every aspect of life to reach the top of any field 

~ Wishing the King's wife happy new dawn life ...you can Join Bose on www.bose.com.ngo(Bose Olubo TV

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